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Gmail Add-On
Gmail Add-On
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Renat Gabitov
Delegating boring work to the machines

Gmail + Pipedrive

Is anyone using the Gmail add-on?

I saw many folks got confused about installing it! 

It's a Google Workplace Marketplace app (NOT an extension), so it shows under "apps" in your Gmail. 

I've just recorded this quick video overview of the integration. Hope you enjoy it!

Champs personnalisés dans le module Pipedrive sur Gmail

Quand sera-t-il possible d'avoir les champs personnalisés (Personne et Organisation) dans le module Pipedrive sur Gmail ? Pour information, Hubspot le fait très bien. Merci !

Google Workspace and Gmail Add-on (Integration) NOT working

It's pretty sad but the Pipedrive Add-on for Gmail/Workplace/Gsuite is NOT working at all.

The problem is severe and the itegration just not working at all. There are no responses to reviews and also support is not able to help.

Pipedrive should urgently fix this, for a/ it is an essential element of any CRM and b/ it just looks super bad (reputation wise) for Pipedrive when you see such a poor rating for any tool...

Any solution for this in sight?

Setting an alternate reply to address for emails sent from Pipedrive

Use case is:

  • customer receives an email created in Pipedrive and sent with Gmail synch 
  • the 'reply to' address is set to a different address than the email sender address (the address that is synched with Pipedrive)
  • this will enable all replies to be sent to one address that is delivered direct to a Sales Team in Intercom and avoid having to have the whole team's email addresses all delivering into Intercom separately
  • It would also be helpful for specific campaigns to have a different reply to address
  • this can be achieved by mirroring the settings in Gmail where a different 'reply to' address is set and/or creating a feature to allow users and admins to set this locally in Pipedrive