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Not able to remove PD from Gmail


I want to manually forward emails to PD inbox, and not use the Gmail plugin. However, I am completely unable to remove the plugin. I have uninstalled it from Gmail, it does not display together with other plugins, but the plugin is still installed (PD logo and sidebar still appears).


What to do?

Gmail Extension - Add Templates / Link Deals

I'd like to manage all our templates in Pipedrive and would find it very helpful to have access to the template content in the Gmail extension.

Clicking on the Pipedrive Gmail extension just permits access to the scheduling tool, however I would prefer it let me choose a template for content, and/or link a deal without going through the side bar.

Templates is a top request on my end!



Bernd AuerCommunity Driver
Managing Director -

The time zone in the Google add on doesn't correspond to the time zone in my activities

Auto generate Gmail/Pipedrive contacts

Morning all, does anyone recommend a tool (ideally free!) that automatically converts contacts from their email signature to a gmail contact - that of course will then sync into Pipedrive?

If there is a better approach to this I'm also happy to hear it. Thanks, Steve