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Gmail Add-On
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Øyvind Hasund Dahl
Chief Commercial Officer

Link and open tracking directly thru emails sent from Gmail

Is it possible to send emails directly from Gmail and enable link and open tracking from there instead of sending emails from Pipedrive with an extension? I know that Hubspot has this feature.


Gmail extension enhancement

Can "Find a Deal/Lead" button be added to the sidebar.  Currently on "Add a Deal" exists if PD does not find a deal.

Gmail title address Issue not my Domain reg with

Please give me advice on how to be synced in Gmail but use my personal domain in the address sent.

Not able to remove PD from Gmail


I want to manually forward emails to PD inbox, and not use the Gmail plugin. However, I am completely unable to remove the plugin. I have uninstalled it from Gmail, it does not display together with other plugins, but the plugin is still installed (PD logo and sidebar still appears).


What to do?