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This is still relevant to date. Been a year since Erki posted this, feels like no changes have been made.


Goals for the whole team

I'm a bit surprised it's not possible to set up a monthly target for the team without having a Pro of Enterprise plan. Can this really be true? Its IMP is such basic functionality that it makes no sense to have it in all paid plans. Hopefully, it's possible to get the data by integrating it with another service. 

Or have I misunderstood something?

Goal setting : product targets?

Goal setting seems quite limited at the moment, unless I am missing something? I am looking to set user targets for various products/product categories, which are in our product inventory however this doesn't seem possible... at the moment all I seem to be able to do is set a unit sales or revenue figure for each user.

Our sales team are responsible for different product ranges, which have different targets, is there a way I can set different targets for each product range?