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New: Insights UX update 📊

Users can rename dashboards, reports and goals by simply clicking on their name.



To make the renaming process simpler: it is no longer necessary to go on the 3 dots button, and saves you 3 clicks.



Out now across all regions


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Individual Sales Targets For Organisations

It would be very useful if there was an option to add an individual sales target against each organisation. That way we can see our sales performance for each customer and identify whether we are meeting targets.


Forecast goal product design issue

When Goals launched, it was quite a good upgrade and it worked (for the most part) fine.

However, last week, Pipedrive decided to make an upgrade which basically ruins the "Forecast Goal" view.

After the upgrade, it shows the "Won Deals" above the "Open Deals", with the forecast line staying the same.
Because of that, it is now impossible to see if we're under-target or over-target.

Here's an example below:

The green part is the won deals. The blue part represents the open deals. The black line is the target.
In order to see if that person hit his/her target,... (More)

Goals & Gamify Dashboard


I love the current Insights and reporting model that Pipedrive has. However, due its high versatility, it can be hard for a normal company users to use and determine their current standing in Company/Individual Goals.

Goals Dashboard (Stand alone tab):-

Company Goal: Show all Company goals based on Monthly, Quarterly, Annual basis set by Admin and how far you are to achieve it.

User Goals: Individual Goals of the user on Monthly, Quarterly, Annual basis set by Admin (Only viewable to the current user).

Gamify: Healthy competition to show top 10 Earners, Overachievers, Most Deals, Most Leads, Most Tasks... (More)