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Setting targets for teammates

The option of setting targets for teammates is no more visible. We want to see this option again. Please guide.

Metas nos Insights

No site do Pipedrive sobre Metas diz, "Observação: se você estiver usando os Relatórios de insights, não terá acesso ao recurso "Metas". Ele será disponibilizado nos Insights até outubro de 2020." 

Antes da atualização tínhamos diversas metas dentro do Pipedrive, hoje temos que fazer esse controle de metas em uma planilha Excel separada. 

Gostaria de saber quando teremos esse recurso novamente?

Two Questions - Goals and Owners


Two questions appreciate with with:

  1. Goals - when setting goals I can select specific pipeline - but can I have more than one pipeline attached to a specific goal? The same goes when I set company goals - it applies to all pipelines - can I exclude a specific pipeline?
  2. When putting in a new deal - there is one owner. Is it possible to have two owners or a secondary person for which this deal is related to? the reason is that two person are engaged with this deal from different aspects and both need to handle it.... (More)

Planned: Goals in Insights 🎯 📈

In another step to make Insights fulfil its potential, we are soon starting to work on bringing Goals into Insights, which means that dashboard, reports and goals will all be brought together. We know this will make our users very happy!


Goals are an essential element of growth: they give a clear vision, set a sharp focus, and help to drive time and resources on what matters most, so you get closer to achieving what you need.

How will it work?

  • set Goals for yourself, for other users, for teams and for the entire company... (More)