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Cedrick Ward
Customer Success Manager

Is there a way to track Goals based on specific filters? For example, I want to set Goals for Deals entering a certain Stage with a Label.

I noticed that the Automations section got upgraded, and that you can now use Filters for Automations. It would be great if we could do the same with Goals.

Filtering options on goals reports!

It'd be great to be able to apply filters to goals like you can with other insights reports. Such as if we wanted a forecast with goals but only allowing for deals with a probability above 80%. 

Andrew Iwanoczko
Commercial Director at Texo DSI

Variable Monthly Goals

Hi Pipe Community,

After some good comms this week with tech support, we've established that each goal insight widget allows only a single goal value. That is great for a playbook where you may be after making a set number of activities of a certain kind each month.

The situation we have however is that we wish to measure goals over a full 12 month period that have an inherent seasonal variation. For the business I represent, greater work is undertaken (so commissioned) in the sunny warmer months of Northern Europe. The absence of variable goals isn't so helpful then... (More)