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Google AdWords / Google Ads
Google AdWords / Google Ads
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Conversion & Tracking Möglichkeiten?

Kurze Frage, kann man die Webformulare und den Chatbot via Analytics als Conversion tracken? Gibt es da Möglichkeiten? Auch auf Hinsicht in Sachen Google Ads?

Google and FB Ads to deals

Hi everyone. We have been using a FB ad for a while now to help generate leads. We are going to begin running several FB and Google ads. We need to be able to track which ad specifically resulted in a deal. Are there any best practices you can recommend or a 3rd party software you are using that is working well for you to track which specific ad converted to the deal? Currently, our FB ad (FB AD 01) is included in the title of the deal (via Zapier), but I can not use this to generate any reports.... (More)

Integration Analytics and Pipedrive

Hi all, I'm struggling for a while to import data from Google Analytics into existing Pipedrive deals. Tried tools such as #zapier and #fastbase, also added some #utm-tags to my Google Ads campaigns. Without results. I'd like to import the 'source / medium' and 'campaign' from conversions into Pipedrive, at the moment we can't focus on specific channels because we don't know which are the most valuable for us. I cannot believe that no one has these integration challenges.

Do you have the sollution to this 'problem', I'd like to get in contact with you?

Do you have the same... (More)