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Google AdWords / Google Ads
Google AdWords / Google Ads
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Sergey Zuev
Founder of GA Connector

Pipedrive and Google Analytics integration

Hello everyone,

We just launched a Google Analytics connector on Pipedrive marketplace:

The app allows to see Google Analytics information in Pipedrive objects:


Your feedback would be much appreciated!

Conversion & Tracking Möglichkeiten?

Kurze Frage, kann man die Webformulare und den Chatbot via Analytics als Conversion tracken? Gibt es da Möglichkeiten? Auch auf Hinsicht in Sachen Google Ads?

Google and FB Ads to deals

Hi everyone. We have been using a FB ad for a while now to help generate leads. We are going to begin running several FB and Google ads. We need to be able to track which ad specifically resulted in a deal. Are there any best practices you can recommend or a 3rd party software you are using that is working well for you to track which specific ad converted to the deal? Currently, our FB ad (FB AD 01) is included in the title of the deal (via Zapier), but I can not use this to generate any reports. I need another way to track the source of the deal (FB AD 01, FB AD 02, Google AD 01, Google Ad 02, etc.) so that I am able to pull reports in Pipedrive based on which ad they came from. Thank you.