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Google AdWords / Google Ads
Google AdWords / Google Ads
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Track google ads conversion with webform


Do you know it t's possible to collect google ads conversion when a pipedrive webform embed on a website is completed?

Thank you!

Chatbot + GoogleAds


anybody knows if chatbot could be track with a Google Ads pixel?? Help

Sergey Zuev
Founder of GA Connector

Pipedrive and Google Analytics integration

Hello everyone,

We just launched a Google Analytics connector on Pipedrive marketplace:

The app allows to see Google Analytics information in Pipedrive objects:


Your feedback would be much appreciated!

Conversion & Tracking Möglichkeiten?

Kurze Frage, kann man die Webformulare und den Chatbot via Analytics als Conversion tracken? Gibt es da Möglichkeiten? Auch auf Hinsicht in Sachen Google Ads?