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Google Analytics
Google Analytics
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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

How to link your custom contact form without Zapier.

Looking for Integration of your forms (CF7, Planso, WPforms,...) on wordpress with Pipedrive?

Advanced Form Integration plugin on wordpress allows you to integrate your usual contact forms with Pipedrive CRM. When a user fills a form on your website, the plugin will send the data to your Pipedrive account and create Contact, Organization, Deal, Note, and Activity. You can also add custom fields like URL of page visited when completing the form. Supported Features Create Contact, Organization, Deal, Note and … You keep trace in google analytics by using Contact form native to wordpress. It works via Pipedrive API and... (More)

Sergey Zuev
Founder of GA Connector

Pipedrive and Google Analytics integration

Hello everyone,

We just launched a Google Analytics connector on Pipedrive marketplace:

The app allows to see Google Analytics information in Pipedrive objects:


Your feedback would be much appreciated!

Voted for Allow the insertion of a google tag - product development suggestion

Hi @Nicola Meinders25 , it is a good observation there! A workaround our team has suggested for the time being could be to have your Pipedrive Web Form forward to a Thank You page when it is completed. And on that Thank You page you can add your Google tag.