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Google Analytics goal trigger for Pipedrive form entries

We have switched our own webforms out for Pipedrive forms. The experience has been great: easy to setup and much less spam now.

However, we seem to have lost the ability to register a Google Analytics Goal when someone fills out a form. Does anyone have an approach/solution for this, or would this be a genuine feature request?

Attribution tool: 2 Way updates between Google Analytics & Pipedrive?

Can anyone recommend an app / service that can:

  1. Tag visitors to site by GA ID
  2. Track form completions (WordPress / Gravity Forms)
  3. Import customer data into Pipedrive deal (GA ID, Campaign, browser, landing page, etc...)
  4. If Pipedrive deal is won, send goal completion data back to GA

A service called Punchydata was able to do this, but unfortunately, they seems to have shut down.

Thank you!

John Shelburne
Sales Lead Generation

It looks like LeadsBridge has a Google Analytics / Pipedrive solution

Connect your Google Analytics to Pipedrive

Hi people!

We've built a small tool to help you connect your Google Analytics to Pipedrive.

Problems solved:
- know which UTM source/medium/campaign/keyword a lead came from
- push pipeline & revenue data back into GA, so you know exactly how much revenue came from Adwords and other campaigns, not just leads
- create audience lists to retarget as they move down the funnel

If these are problems you face then check out or DM me :)