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How can I track an existing customers web analytics on my website? ie what they are doing on my site against their activity tab?

 I would like to be able to see the activity of my customers when they go on my website like the pages they visited. This should be able to be done with cookies from email previously sent to them from pipedrive. I would expect to see this in the activity section of the person record?

This is an example of another CRM doing this...

Can this be done in pipedrive? or Is their an add on I can get that will do this in pipedrive?




Chatbot + GoogleAds


anybody knows if chatbot could be track with a Google Ads pixel?? Help

Marketer at

Google Tag Manager and Pipedrive forms. Still no? Or any worarrounds?

Hey community,

I tried to track pipedrive form submission with GTM but seems like I got stuck.

  1. No way to trigger event with visible element when 'thank you' message occurs. GTM hear zero events in pipedrive iframe. I tried to get a class #app > div > div > div > div > div
  2. No way to trigger with GTM;s auto listener
  3. No way to insert GTM\s code and data layer push into the form
  4. No way to track conversion with thank-you-page url - because everything is happening in a one frame 

Any workarrounds with pipedrive forms to make them talk to GTM?

LeadBooster chat tracking with GTM or GA

Is it possible to track LeadBooster chat interactions with Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics?


Thanks in advance!