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Google Analytics
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Send won conversions to Google Analytics

Hello, Pipedrive community!

I have a question about pipedrive-GA integration.

When WON, how can I pass this event to google analytics goals? I know there are third services that offer data integration. But I couldn't find specific events with WON there.
You would really help me.

Conversion & Tracking Möglichkeiten?

Kurze Frage, kann man die Webformulare und den Chatbot via Analytics als Conversion tracken? Gibt es da Möglichkeiten? Auch auf Hinsicht in Sachen Google Ads?

PD Forms & Google Analytics? GTM?

I have a PD form and chatbot embedded on my website, that once sent, generates a new deal in my pipeline.

How do i track this in Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager??

Surely this feature is possible?? How on earth is everyone tracking ROI on Ad Spend???

Comment trackez-vous les formulaires sur GTM ou Google analytics ?

Bonjour à tous, 


petite question du jour ! 

Comment faites-vous pour tracker les infos des formulaires sur votre GTM ou votre Google analytics ? 


Bonne journée,