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Google apps
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Google G Suite Integration

I am trying to integrate G Suite for Business to my Pipedrive... It is not offered on Pipedrive but I do see that there are some third party services that charge a monthly subscription fee... the last thing I want to do is pay another fee.  Any insight or suggestions to finding a solution to this issue?  

Thanks in advance! 


Google Workspace/Google Chat

Are there any plans to add Google Chat as an alternative to Slack now that Salesforce has bought them?

Como aumentar suas vendas pela internet e televendas 2.0? 🌐 💰 💳

O mundo está passando por transformações e a crise da COVID-19 acelerou de forma exponencial a adoção de tecnologias em 2020.

As mudanças que esperaríamos ver em 10 anos estão acontecendo em seis meses ou menos, o que tem obrigado as empresas e o mercado a serem mais criativos e a se reinventarem se quiserem sobreviver. Neste cenário, o comércio online tem ganhado cada vez mais protagonismo.

A internet transformou a maneira como as empresas e os consumidores compram e vendem.

Segundo a 42ª edição do Webshoppers, importante e recente estudo sobre comércio eletrônico realizado pela Ebit | Nielsen... (More)

Richard John
Collaboration Tool Advisor
Voted for Other

I choose other,beacuse here MirrorFly not in your list. my fav video conferencing tool is MirrorFly22 is one of the top video calling experiences, which is setting the new normal for top-quality video conferencing. It is an excellent platform to build powerful programming tools for video conferencing. Features available

  • Peer-to-peer calling
  • Group conferencing
  • live broadcasting
  • best HD video quality
  • one-time license costs
  • low latency technologies & Easy scaling
  • Video encoders
  • End-to-end encryption

The best feature perhaps is the ‘control’ available to manage the layout of the application such that each member can see and hear. Support any platform integration –... (More)