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Google apps
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Richard John
Collaboration Tool Advisor
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I choose other,beacuse here MirrorFly not in your list. my fav video conferencing tool is MirrorFly3 is one of the top video calling experiences, which is setting the new normal for top-quality video conferencing. It is an excellent platform to build powerful programming tools for video conferencing. Features available

  • Peer-to-peer calling
  • Group conferencing
  • live broadcasting
  • best HD video quality
  • one-time license costs
  • low latency technologies & Easy scaling
  • Video encoders
  • End-to-end encryption

The best feature perhaps is the ‘control’ available to manage the layout of the application such that each member can see and hear. Support any platform integration –... (More)

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To make videos call, here the MirrorFly1 is suitable mobile apps and it built with a number of the additional features. This video chat api is highly scalable cloud infrastructure and also build with the multi layers security that assists to make videos call safer at every time. It has the option of the videos call recording that becomes quite simple and easy to make a voice call and other videos call.

If you want further details, Let you see:

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I use Jitsi.  Works great and doesn't send you data to China.