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API to get quantity of product (units) in a deal

We are building a Data Studio (Google) dashboard to drill down the data of the products in a deal, specially the "amount of units" visualization that is not possible to visualize with that granularity in Pipedrive dashboard itself.

We are trying to get the information of "how many units" of a certain product linked to a deal to display to the dashboard, but we have not been able to check if this data is available to get from the API.

Could you teach us how we can get this data?

@Preetish Panda  this is not in the plans at the moment, but I've passed your feedback along. @Adina Faiman  her suggestion or any other integration is the best way to go for now.

Did anyone use Google Data Studio for pipeline reporting?

If yes, what was your experience? Does it make any sense?