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Google drive
Google drive

Discussion on Google Drive integration.

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James Bowie
Private Lender & Real Estate Investor

e-Signature: Email CC Non-Signers and Save to Google Drive

Two requests for the new e-signature feature:

  1. Ability to send a CC email to someone that is not signing the document once everyone has signed it
  2. Automatically save the pdf document to Google Drive after it has been e-signed by all parties (just like it does with the other deal related documents created in Pipedrive).
Vladimír Gábor
Pipedrive fan and user

Uploaded files destination in Google drive

I use Pipedrive integration with Google Drive.

Now all uploaded files for any deal are stored in one main folder regardless of deal or contact relation. This causes a chaos, when I work with file on local synced storage in my computer. Thousands files of different contacts and deals in one folder.

this should have some logic - all files should belong to some deals of to some contact folder. (like documents do - the are stored in a contact folder)

And also uploading of a file to a deal or contact folder via file manager should show this file... (More)

Meghann Cundall
Director of Customer Success
Voted for I do. I want company specific templates only.

Agreed - in a perfect world you'd want both but just being able to create templates that can be shared within the company is ideal.