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Google drive
Google drive

Discussion on Google Drive integration.

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Google Forms!

Hi Pipedrivers

We'd like to suggest Pipedrive to integrate with Google Forms.  

This will give primary Pipedrive users (mainly the sales team) an ability to have visual control on site surveys. Of course there are many application in the market such as iAuditor or other solutions, however Google Form integration will make Pipedrive users to save cost, also relying on Pipedrive more and doesn't require the sales team to learn a new software.


Thank you.

Pipedrive integration with google drive. Renaming folders, creating subfolders

Hi everyone!


I have the following scenario that I would like to get:

Sync Pipedrive with Google drive to download all files from pipe drive into subfolders for each deal.


Pipedrive > "Deal Number" > "Deals Subfolders"

Currently the integration renames the folders but to the organisations or contact person name, do you know any workaround using zapier?


Thank you!


Hi everyone!

Is there a way of organising things in each deal folder to subfolders when integrating with google drive?

James Bowie
Private Lender & Real Estate Investor

e-Signature: Email CC Non-Signers and Save to Google Drive

Two requests for the new e-signature feature:

  1. Ability to send a CC email to someone that is not signing the document once everyone has signed it
  2. Automatically save the pdf document to Google Drive after it has been e-signed by all parties (just like it does with the other deal related documents created in Pipedrive).