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Google drive

Discussion on Google Drive integration.

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New feature: Sales Docs available for users in Advanced and Professional 📄

Sales has evolved. Have your docs?

You can now send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from Pipedrive with our newest feature: Sales Docs. Know for certain who’s interested and when to follow up to close your deals faster.

To give it a go, simply head to the new ‘Documents’ tab in any deal. Either create new docs or upload your own from Google Drive (an integration with OneDrive is coming soon).

Why you should be using Sales Docs:

  • Auto-fill docs with Pipedrive data.
    Set up sales document templates using any Pipedrive fields.
  • Strike while the deal is hot.
    Get notified... (More)
Head - Business Application

As Sales have a number of documents we work on, and while GDrive and Sales Document(Beta) are great additions. Is Pipedrive working on maybe having a document tab?

Head - Business Application

We would like to incorporated of MEDDICC process in Pipedrive. Is anyone doing this? Or have found other options to integrate this other than GDrive?

Multi-player note-taking via Google Docs displayed natively in the timeline

Our organization frequently has multiple folks working on any given deal due to the scope of technical-design that our sales-org provides. This means that a sales-discovery call might have 2 folks on it at the same time. Of note; Our org uses our Google accounts to logon to PipeDrive

As the ultimate deal-owner, I'd like the ability to use the simultaneous editing features of a Google Doc to take 'multi-player' notes that are then fully represented in the PipeDrive timeline.

To provide greater clarity to this request I could see this being implemented as an 'embedded' mini-Google-Docs editor inside of... (More)