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Discussion of Google Maps feature.

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Need a solution for selecting and filtering contacts/organizations within a certain distance of a location, or within the confines you define on a map...

there's no way to see contacts or org's within a specified distance of a location.

When on a Contact/Organisation you can open the map, by pressing over the address, and check nearby hits Iwithin a specified distance.

But it's not possible to do this with a filter

let me try this

the only thing is how can i see a list of th ehits on the map and send them an email

you can't other than one by one. You also cant filter the results in any way, unless I'm missing something

It allows you to check other hits and... (More)

Filters, please make this easier!

I want to create a filter to look for all contacts whose phone # starts with 601, 770,256, 334, 478. Do i have to create the criteria for every single one or can you comma separate them or if not how?

I was taking a look at your question, unfortunately it's not possible to have them separated by commas you'd need to create a new line for each of them. Alternatively, you can exclude the numbers you don't want the system to display in case those are fewer than the ones you wanna see.

OK. You should enter this as... (More)

Map support in Web interface

I'm very happy with the pipedrive user interface. It's why I recommended it over other popular choices. Feature suggestion for web interface: Being able to view all people and or company records on a map and then being able to draw around them to create a 'group'. This would be very useful when we are looking to target cold calling in a specific area. We do landscape maintenance, snow, landscape construction. This would be particularly helpful when we are targeting our sales efforts to build snow routes. 

Client addresses

I can’t seem to find a way for a client address to open directly into maps! I would love this feature...especially in the mobile app.  I would sync my contacts to my address books...but I have iCloud and that only syncs one direction. So when I’m on the road traveling to clients/projects...I have to copy/paste into maps. 😢