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Google maps

Discussion of Google Maps feature.

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Show Leads on Map


Our outside sales process involves personal visits to leads.  However, there is no way to use the "nearby" mapping feature for leads.  Mobile only has mapping available for Organization, People and Deals to map.  This means that we will need to create a full org/person record for the hundreds or thousands of leads in our target territories.  Is there a reason that Leads are left out of the show on map feature? 

No Leads Map Option
No Leads Map Option

From a Pipedrive Pro - How to Get a Map View of Your Contacts and Deals 🗺 📍

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Map Distance

Is there a way to click on the address in the deal and know how far it is from our business without having to copy and past it into google maps?

Feature request - maps with different coloured pins

In list view, I can press address and get a map view of all adresses. It would be very helpful if the pins could be coloured with Customer (Green), Hot lead (red) etc. This would be a great help to plan and target customers and sales trips. 

If the map, with points, can be transferred to google maps, then we can plan a route so we know when we will visit them.