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Discussion of Google Maps feature.

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Feature Request: Improved maps-view to find organizations close to a lead

Hello there,
we are a company selling heating systems B2C. A heating system always requires a third party installer as well, so for every end-customer, we also have to find a partner company of which we have several hundreds to chose from.

Pipedrive makes it really hard to find organizations that are within a certain range of customer (deal). Right now we filter our organizations by zip code, but this is incredibly annoying:

  1. The original location of the customer is not displayed on the map, so you have to memorise, where the targeted area actually is.
  2. Sometimes a customer is at the border of an unrelated zip-code. So searching for a zip-code starting with "17" might show organizations that are too far away, while it doesn't display an organization from the "30" zip-code, that might actually be the closest.

In an ideal world we would like to click a button in a deal that would open up the maps-modal and show certain (filtered) organizations nearby. We would be able to see the 5 closest partners, select one, and continue with our sales process. 

Alternatively (and closer to Pipedrive's current solution) it would already be helpful to display a custom field in the bubble that pops up, when clicking on a pin in the map view. This way we could display helpful information (like "covered range", "industry type", etc.) of an organization.

Happy to hear back from you!

Josh Monifi
Production Team Manager

Automatically Geocoding Addresses

Hello! We have run into an issue that I am hoping other folks have found a solution for. 

We recently completed a massive import of historical customer records into Pipedrive. Thousands of Organizations we have worked with in the past. We imported addresses for all of these locations, but the import does not automatically "geocode" the addresses. This is a problem because we are reliant on being able to drill down to the city/state/zip for some of our work. If an address is not geocoded, we are unable to do this. 

Have any of you used a tool to make this work? I have been looking into Mapsly but not sure if it will do what we are hoping. 

Thanks for your insights!

Show Leads on Map


Our outside sales process involves personal visits to leads.  However, there is no way to use the "nearby" mapping feature for leads.  Mobile only has mapping available for Organization, People and Deals to map.  This means that we will need to create a full org/person record for the hundreds or thousands of leads in our target territories.  Is there a reason that Leads are left out of the show on map feature? 

No Leads Map Option
No Leads Map Option

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