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Google Meet
Google Meet
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🎥 How to customise your notification preferences, follow topics and join channels in the Sales and Marketing Community.

Planned: Google Meet integration in Activities and Scheduler 🎥 🗓


To allow scheduling calls using Google Meet seamlessly from inside Pipedrive. Just like you can already do with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

What will I be able to do?

Set up and use Google Meet as a video-call integration in Pipedrive.


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Alguma novidade ou previsão dessa integração?

Voted for Google Meet (automatically generate link when appointment made)

Is this coming any time soon? Would love to get rid of Calendly!

Google Meet Integration +1

I came into this "help center" landing page to ask about Google Meet integration and noticed I was not the first.  SO, I would like to add my vote to the list.  With Covid, virtual meetings are a necessity.  AND, PD is already working with Google Calendar and Google Drive, so seems reasonable to add another piece of G-Suite.  :)  Please and thank you!  Oh, and please keep us G-Suite users posted.