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Google sheets
Google sheets
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Scheduled export of filtered data, is it possible?

Hi there, 

I am trying to create a scheduled export of filtered data from PD. Is this possible from within PD? 

I also work with zapier on inputting data to PD but not sure if the export from PD will work that way. 

Any thoughts greatly appreciated. 



Sales document functionality

I am currently implementing the use of Google Docs for my entire team.

There are several issues:

1) Pipedrive only allows to create Google Docs documents and not Google Sheets at all. This poses a problem especially for quotes.

2) I have a problem on some Pipedrive accounts in my company to associate the Google Drive.I regularly get the message: The "Connect with Google" feature has been temporarily disabled for this application. This application has not yet been validated by Google and cannot benefit from the Google Sign-In feature".
I have contacted your chat several times and I still don't... (More)

Documents - refused to connect

I am trying out the Documents Beta, and when I go into Edit Blank Document for quotes, I receive a notice that says   " refused to connect"  

I made sure my google account permissions were set for Pipedrive and they are.  Not sure whats the issue?

Erwan Gauthier
Head of Business Development @ Ornikar

Google Sheets / Pipedrive connection

Hey ! 

Does anyone know if we can connect data we've got in Google Sheets in a deal ? 

Use case : My sales reporting is in Google Sheets and i want to connect "Quantity of products" of a specific deal to that reporting so my sales are linked to the deal. 

Thanks again for your help