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Group email
Group email
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Organizational Contact Group Emails

It would be super beneficial if I could setup group emails for specific organizations and all of their contacts. Organization ABC has 5 contacts, send group email to all five of them. I have searched for a way to do this and even asked help, but they said it isn't possible. 


New: Edit your Email Sender name 📮

What can a user do?

Good news! You can now change the name seen by recipients when sending emails from Pipedrive. For example, your job title, your full name, nickname, etc.

Note that this feature isn’t available on Microsoft services, as unfortunately Microsoft servers don’t allow to edit the sender name. You can use this feature on Gmail and any other IMAP service, so long as the server allows it.

For whom?

Plans with 2-way email sync: Advanced, Professional, Enterprise.

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Increase amount of contacts an email distribution can be made to >100

Hi, we send monthly emails to our clients and prospects that are more then 1000 emails. having to batch these each month to 100 each is very cumbersome and time consuming. any chance we can remove that limit? I hear sales force and others have been able to do so.. Best! Evelyne

Anyone using Outlook add-on "Send Personally"?

It allows me to put many names in the “To” field in Outlook, then in the body use a salutation like, “Hello “ then type “%USERFIRSTNAME%,” hit “Send Personally” instead of “Send” and voila, from one email I have many emails sent, each with a customized “Hello {firstname},”. Thus, each recipient gets their own email and has no idea I sent the exact same one to many other people.

These used to attach individually to the correct Deals in Pipedrive. A little over a year ago, something changed and now when I do this, Pipedrive randomly chooses one of the... (More)