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Group email
Group email
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Sales Email Blast - Custom Subject Line

Hi all,

I'm set up to send a group "individual" email to several contacts but I desperately need to customize the subject line. Any workarounds here that you may have?? TY

Group E-mail

Is there a way to send a group email, like quarterly, to 100 of my prospects  wihtout upgrading to the Premier edition? I heard someone once mention ChimpMail?? Any insight would be appreciated.

How do I email #sales calls to multiple clients at once?

#sales tips and tricks

Organizational Contact Group Emails

It would be super beneficial if I could setup group emails for specific organizations and all of their contacts. Organization ABC has 5 contacts, send group email to all five of them. I have searched for a way to do this and even asked help, but they said it isn't possible.