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Group email
Group email
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Ability to send to batches of 100 contacts

If you select more than 100 people, you have the ability to choose the first 100... but after that no assistance to select the next 100's after that.

Even the ability to view 100 contact per page so I can select the first 100, send, then next page, select all, etc.

NOT geared up for larger contact databases at all!

Personalize individual mails in Group Mailings

When we send group mails with dynamic fields, it frequently happens that a couple of mails cannot be send or turn out wrong, because the field was not set or set incorrectly (in the particular mail's context). It would be really helpful to be able to fix such mails manually before sending out.

Workflow would be:

  1. Select contacts
  2. Click Group Mail
  3. Select or type template
  4. Check what would be send by selecting the individual recipients in the list to the left (live preview)
  5. Adjust individual mails if necessary
  6. Send

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Group follow-up emailing in same thread

Hi All,

It would be great to have a feature that allowed you to send group follow-up emails in the same thread. :)