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search_for_related_items does not return leads

I'm trying to search all people and related leads by email.

GET /itemSearch  { term: "", item_types: ['person', 'lead'], fields: 'email', search_for_related_items: true });

Searching for a "lead" item type will return only lead that is not attached to a person. But by using search_for_related_items I should get related lead when finding a person, right ?


Insights help: revenue by activation, not close date

Hi, I'm trying to look at my weighted revenue pipeline and can't seem to find a way to show it based on distribution; I can only seem to see it based on expected close date and the whole deal value is added to that month.

For context: I run a media company and a deal might be $10,000 per month for 6 months actualising between Jul - Dec so I create an opportunity using these amounts and date ranges. I have it in my pipeline at 50% probability. As it only becomes revenue when it actualises Jul - Dec, I... (More)

Microsoft Teams (Native) Calendar Login Info Appears Different Than Pipedrive's (Please Fix)


Hope all's well! May we please have your assistance?

Please see below screenshot comparison of what it looks like to the client when they click on their calendar to attend a Microsoft Teams meeting when the invite is sent via the native app (figure A) vs. through Pipedrive (figure B). This is a major concern to us.

  1. This is causing some confusion for our clients who are used to the way the native app shares the login credentials...
  2. Also, in our industry people are trained heavily to lookout for phishing and spoofing, and one of the biggest indicators is... (More)

HELP - managing one company in more countries?!

Hi all! 😊

Does any of you have experience in managing one company in different countries in pipedrive?

If so, is it possible to keep everthing under one pipedrive "company" or is it better to have one "company" in pipedrive for each country? I see pros and cons for both?

My case right now: I have the a Danish company and wold like to add our new Spanish depart (which have another email connected to the company - ".es" instead of ".dk"...


  • Being able to use the same data fields, products, templates, etc.
  • Not having to "set up"... (More)