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From Zoho to Pipedrive, Advice Wanted

Currently using Pipedrive for my mainline work. Trying to shift my other business from Zoho to Pipedrive. Has anyone moved their CRM from another platform? What were the challenges? We are currently using Zoho mail as well. What were your challenges? Was the transition seamless or problematic? All advice welcome!

Incoming SMS with Keyword (TAGS) with automated response

Hello Everyone!

I've got a tough one. I'm working with a friend and trying to find a system that can integrate to Pipedrive that offers SMS in with Keyword/Tag commands. The goal is a truly integrated system but, if I have a Zapier setup, I'll be fine as well. Basically, my friend is a roofer and he currently uses Infustionsoft (Keap). They have a unique integration with a company called FixYourFunnel. On his truck, he has his business number and it says something like "Text "TRUCK" to XXXXXXXXXXX to learn more". When FixYourFunnel receives the keyword TRUCK, it asks the... (More)

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Dashboard sharing question

Hi to all, is it possible for a user to create a Dashboard and make it visible to another pipedrive's user in the same company? 

At the moment (a customer with essential plans) seems it's not possible. My client wants to be able to that an user can create a dashboard and other users (on the same account) can view and modify it.

Is it possible @Inês Batata ?

Email tracking for email campaigns?

Hi, I'm new here and wanted to know if there's the option of email campaigns/tracking with Pipedrive?