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Please fix. I need to reply to the email I'm CC'd.

Please fix. I need to reply to the email I'm CC'd.

I'm CC'd on the email. But I can't hit the reply button. Of course I want to reply within the CRM. 

  • Reply to Email <--- PLEASE FIX.

NOTE: Why can't I upload an image to the forum? I'm trying to upload a screenshot, it requires a video type or pdf type, ugg.  So I made a PDF. It's attached.


Absolutely love the CRM, would just like to enable this common and expected workflow.

Boris TsibelmanPipedrive Expert | I help companies streamline their process with automation by unlocking the power of technology

Try reaching out to support@pipedrive.com1

Lindsay Gordon
Director of Sales & Marketing

Adding sub organizations?

Is there a way to add a sub group to an organization?  Ex: Keller Williams may be the primary but they house a lot of internal realtor teams... thx!

Is there some way to revert an update that occurred?

The PieSync API did a crazy update last Friday changing all owners for our organizations.  is there a way to somehow undo all those inside of Pipedrive.  They are all marked in the Update column as being done by the API.