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Is it possible to automate a reminder with a condition when "the deal hasn't registered any changes" in X time?

When a deal gets into a stage, I want to set up an automation so that, after x days, if it hasn't registered any changes, it sends an alert to Teams or email.

I set the trigger to stage change, that's ok.

I set a delay for x days.

But... I don't know how to set the condition of "it hasn't changed": no new activities, no stage change, nothing... just no changes. Does this condition even exist?

Thanks in advance.

Issues with mailing address csv import

I am trying to import a csv of organizations with a mailing address field. 

After importing, the address field is blank for about half of the newly imported organizations. Why? Does the text need to be a perfect match with the text string in Google Maps? Some other reason?

I manually added some of the failed addresses without selecting the recommended auto fill from Google and it still seems to work fine (i.e. Google Maps still pulls up the correct location within Pipedrive, just the way it would if you were searching on the Google Maps website).

Any pointers out there?

Serienmail mit Duzen und Siezen


wir duzen und siezen unsere Kunden. Wenn ich jetzt an verschiede Kunden eine Serienmail schicken möchte, in der einige geduzt und andere gesiezt werden, wie mache ich das am Besten?

Eine Wenn-Dann-Verknüpfung scheint es ja nicht zu geben?

Vielen Dank schon mal und schöne Grüße

Manuela Werschler

Feliz Aniversário

Bom dia!

No meu pipedrive tem um campo preenchido data de aniversário há algum campo para nos alertar o dia do aniversário do meu cliente?