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💡 Overcoming Objections in Sales: "I'm not interested"

In sales, "I'm not interested" is one of the most disheartening sales objections you can hear. So, what persuasion techniques can you use to turn the conversation round and even set up a meeting at the end of the phone call?

How do you handle this sales objection like a pro at the early stages of discovery, when you've called a potential customer?

We'll help you do that with this video, which includes many follow-up questions and concerns the prospect might have. You may even close a sale you would have lost otherwise. PS - Subtitles available in... (More)

Community Roundup - Volume 6

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HELP - Is there a way to link multiple properties (a clients real estate portfolio) to a contact or organization ? If so, how would one do this?

How do I find deleted contacts?

So, we are in a bit of a pickle. 

For the past 2-3 years we have used Pipedrive to keep track of ALL our doctor office contacts and referral coordinators. I was informed by my executive director that our account should be full of phone/fax numbers, but when I was given access to the account I found out it was pretty much empty!

How does one go about finding the deleted info? 

Thank you!