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Has anyone successfully integrated Memberpress into Pipedrive ?

I try to integrate contact between Memberpress and Pipedrive but my code doesn't work actually, however I used the code given by pipedrive in its doc.

My code :



Template Name: CRM Member Template



$current_user_id = get_current_user_id();

$phone = get_user_meta($current_user_id,'mepr_telephone',true);

$nom = get_user_meta($current_user_id, 'last_name', true);

$prenom = get_user_meta($current_user_id, 'first_name', true);

$age = get_user_meta($current_user_id, 'mepr_age', true);

$username_etoro = get_user_meta($current_user_id, 'mepr_nom_utilisateur_etoro', true);

global $current_user;


$email = $current_user->user_email;

$username = $current_user->display_name;

error_log('User Infos');



// Content of create_deal.php

// Pipedrive API token

$api_token = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

$person = array(

'name' => $nom,

'phone' => $phone,

'email' => $email,... (More)

Pipedrive shows 13.500 emails. Any idea how to archive them (which is better then archiving them in batches of 50)? Thanks!

Update Contact on pipedrive with integromat

Hi 👋 


I have a website (Bubble) and I'd like to update my contacts when they do in my website.

I tried using Integromat, but it needs the user ID of the contact to update. The only way I found to get this user ID is to list all contacts then filter by email...

It asks around 5k operations on Integromat, there must be an easier way ?



Thanks !!!

Question: what are week 0 and week1 in Column Charts of Insight Report?


I have a couple of questions about Column Charts in Insight Report.

This is what I see when the x-axis is 'view by deal created weekly.'

1. What is W0 in 2021?

According to the wikipedia article about ISO 8601 (a standard about time-related data), there are several mutually equivalent and compatible descriptions of week 01:

  • the week with the year's first Thursday in it (the formal ISO definition),
  • the week with 4 January in it,
  • the first week with the majority (four or more) of its days in the starting year, and
  • the week starting with... (More)