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Hire assistance / Jobs
Hire assistance / Jobs
  • Looking to hire someone to help consult you in sales?
  • Maybe looking for a local reseller or something similar?
  • Are you someone offering your services?
  • Have a job offer that you want to announce?

This is the topic to get connected with the right person. 

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Looking for a Partner to be company's technical lead. US-based preferred

Hello.  I'm brand new here to the community, but pretty familiar with PD.  I am launching some new services for my company and on is the implementation of PD.   I will handle the sales and some of the implementations, but I'm looking to partner (independent contractor) with someone that can handle the technical aspects of the implementation.   If you are interested, please send me a message and tell me a little bit about yourself.  We'll then setup a call to discuss more about this opportunity. 

Looking to hire someone to help with Documents Beta set up.

Needing someone for 2-3 documents that need to be converted from our design to Google Doc design (using the “Documents beta” in PipeDrive under “deals”) with merging fields from PipeDrive into the templates that you will be creating inside of the Google Doc like design and editor.

You must be familiar with Creating Merge Templates inside of PipeDrive thru the Google Drive add-on that they’ve offered for this now over 6 months. Must be able to design corporate documents with our color pallet and direction. The merge fields will need to be formated to our design once they’re created.

The... (More)

Looking to hire someone to add two automations

First automation: Have deal update and move to new deal stage after booking meeting

Second automation: Have deal update and move to new deal stage after opening email with tracking cookie

My company,, is currently looking for someone that knows Pipedrive and Zapier like a pro.

We are looking for a person to join our staff for 8-12 hours a week handling our pipedrive tickets and zapier related pipedrive creations. If you know how to do this...please call me at704.804.2119. 


This is not something we are outsourcing, we are doing it as an employee, paid every friday. Must be US based, business taxes and all.