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Hire assistance
Hire assistance

Looking to hire someone to help consult you in sales? Maybe looking for a local reseller or something similar? Or are you someone offering your services?
This is the topic to get connected with the right person.

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We use Ultradox to generate documents and automate our workflows on Google Drive, passing details to Zapier and ultimately through our other services.

Ultradox has a strong Google Suite integration and It would be really great if we could use Pipedrive data without resorting to passthroughs with Zapier.

Ultradox has a library of Apps it can speak with, and while other CRMs like Base are listed, Pipdrive is not.

I'd be interested to know if anyone would like to develop this functionality, I'd be down to pay, just not sure if anyone has the experience needed in this community.

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Joseph ValentiCommunity Driver
Founder - - Toronto/Montreal

Looking for help with Integromat

Good day,

We are Pipedrive resellers. We use both Integromat and Zapier to good effect.

I am looking for a contractor with particular expertise in Integromat who can take on occasional mandates. Most of the mandates would involve Pipedrive at one end or the other. Most mandates involve parsing & sending triggered email templates.

If you have that expertise and are interested in a discussion, I invite you to please contact me.

Joseph Valenti

Joe at BrokrBindr dot com


Hi everyone, I am using PipeDrive now and I would like a bit of help.

Does anyone knows a support person that could come to my office for a couple of hours to explain more in deep about Pipedrive? 

Im in Sydney, Australia. Thank you 😊

Partner Program Deal Registration

Are there any Pipedrive consultants in the Community that have specific expertise with configuring Pipedrive for a Partner / Channel  focused vendor?Please contact me