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Hire assistance
Hire assistance

Looking to hire someone to help consult you in sales? Maybe looking for a local reseller or something similar?
This is the topic to get connected with the right person.

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Who can I hire to help me with Pipedrive set up

Hi I'm on free Pipedrive trial, I like the features, find it super complicated, all the written help and videos aren't enough. I don't have time to figure it out. I know there's one Pipedrive partner who will direct me... (More)

Pipedrive mentor in South San Jose

HI, I am looking for a pipedrive mentor in my area. I need someone to kick start me. I am in South San Jose. Do you know where I can go to get some help?

Attention! Seeking Great Pipedrive Specialist

I am a digital marketer that works with real estate companies including brokerage firms and developers. I am currently in need of an A+ member of the team who knows how to integrate and setup Pipedrive. Currently we are looking... (More)

Independent Pipedrive consultant

Has anyone used an independent consultant to help with implementation and training? I have Pipedrive’s list of partner agencies, but would love to find an individual- bonus points if they’re in Austin. 😊Thanks in advance!