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Hire Assistance / Jobs
Hire Assistance / Jobs
  • Looking to hire someone to help consult you in sales?
  • Maybe looking for a local reseller or something similar?
  • Are you someone offering your services?
  • Have a job offer that you want to announce?

This is the topic to get connected with the right person. 

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Looking for Pipedrive Freelancers

I'm looking for developers and business consultants who want to grow their careers as CRM and Pipedrive Freelancers:

  • Get new projects
  • Educate
  • Grow their network

Contact me for more details or apply directly to SoftwareSupp:

I am looking for a Pipedrive pro/consultant to help me customize to my business. Please send me your recommendations.

Vadim Glazkov
VC and IT specialist

Looking for a Sales manager to an interview


My name is Vadim and I am developing a microlearning service to effectively teach employees and customers of a company. It can save lots of time on a frequent development of content and increase the learning success.

I am looking for a sales managers who delivers information to 50+ employees 1+ times per month for the last six months.

Would you be open to a 40-minute conversation with me on this topic?

I would be happy to share with you some of my own insights about employee learning that I have gleaned from my conversations.

Looking to hire a PipeDrive expert

We are trying to elevate our PipDrive game from zero to as high as possible. I am hoping there are in the community folks that are true experts. Ideally, we would like to hire one to help us continuously, but at least in the beginning I just want to listen and learn in order to find what's the best way to go. Any help will be much appreciated.