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Connect Pipedrive and HubSpot to the rest of your tech stack with this two-way data sync that unites all of your customer data in one integrated platform.

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Vilket marketing automation system passar bäst ihop med Pipedrive?

Är det någon som kan rekommendera ett marketing automation system som lirar bra ihop med Pipedrive. Kommer tidigare från HubSpot världen där jag använt Sales- och Marketing Hub Pro. Jag funderar på ActiveCampaign och tar gärna feedback både gällande ActiveCampaign och andra system.

June's New Apps Spotlight!

Check out the 4 new apps featured in this month's App Spotlight.

  • Hubspot - allows you to sync data between Pipedrive and HubSpot without manual data entry or messy, time-consuming imports.
  • AXDRAFT - offers a real-time web-based search engine that helps users quickly and easily create a list of contacts to build a pipeline and shorten their sales cycle.
  • Acefone - simplifies dialing, call handling, and manage customer relations using Pipedrive by Acefone.
  • Seamless.AI - lets you import your Leads and Accounts from Seamless.AI into Pipedrive with the click of a button.

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