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Human Resources
Human Resources
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Recherche freelance Pipedrive

Hey 👋,

Tout est dans le titre.
Si vous êtes freelance Pipedrive et qu'il vous arrive d'avoir des dispos de temps en temps.

Écrivez-moi en privé

Usage de Pipe DRIVE dans le recrutement

Bonjour à tous, je recherche des modèles, témoignages, retours d'expériences sur l'usage de Pipe Drive pour le recrutement pour tiers.

Plus précisemment je recherche un moyen qui permet de lier des candidats (contacts)  avec des recruteurs ( affaire ) 

Merci Beaucoup.

recrutement + candidat + lien 

Pipedrive celebra o marco dos 900 colaboradores 🎉

Falámos com a Human Resources acerca deste marco importante, e de alguns dos planos da empresa para 2022. Tanto a nível global e também do seu escritório de Lisboa. Descubra mais através do link.

7 Digital HR Trends for 2021

Human Resource (HR) software is helping the business and organization's HR department by programming the manual tasks and organized data-driven reports. All these works are performed electronically and eliminate the requirement of paper documents.

HR software can serve all employees and managers within the business/organization, help them with the tasks such as time-tracking and manage performance. It performs many other tasks as well depending on the different type of software you have opted for Human Resource Software.

Here I declare 7 latest trends of 2021

1. What is digital HR anyway?

There is a lot’s of interest in the topic of digital Human Resources. In 2020, I had the pleasure of speaking at multiple conferences that bore this title. However, when I asked the participants to define a digital Human Resource system, it proved hard to find a definition that everyone agreed on.

2. HR technology as a strategic tool

The second trend is that HR technologies are increasing will be seen as a means to an end. Having the latest and best technology should never be a goal in itself. An example is a chatbot. For a long time, it has been hip to have a chatbot in HRMS. However, the effect of chatbots is doubtful until now the very strongest use cases are HR system self-service.

Indeed, when the focus is not on the tool but the business/organization outcome, we will make different decisions when it comes to which tools to use – and which tools not to... (More)