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Import/Export data
Import/Export data

Discuss the best methods to Import and Export information

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Issues with mailing address csv import

I am trying to import a csv of organizations with a mailing address field. 

After importing, the address field is blank for about half of the newly imported organizations. Why? Does the text need to be a perfect match with the text string in Google Maps? Some other reason?

I manually added some of the failed addresses without selecting the recommended auto fill from Google and it still seems to work fine (i.e. Google Maps still pulls up the correct location within Pipedrive, just the way it would if you were searching on the Google Maps website).

Any pointers out there?

Exporting All Leads (Archived and Not)

Currently there is not a way to export all leads the way you can with deals. To accomplish this, I would like to suggest two possible solutions.

  1. In the Insights tab, the data based on deals has an export button but there is no such option for the lead-based data. With the archived and non-archived data already mixed in these views (differentiated by the "Status" column), adding an export button for them would help in consistency and solve this issue.

       2. In the leads section, include a third button next to Inbox and Archive that shows both types of data. With the export already built into this section, this would also solve the issue and allow this data to be exported.


Data export - times in UTC


I'm exporting activity data in order to build timesheets for billing clients. What's frustrating is that even though the users have entered their activities in the local time zone, in the data export it's all in UTC time. I need the data to be in local time as different rates apply to day shift as opposed to night shift. Is there a way to fix this?


How to import companies/Leads without contacts

Hello Folks, 

I have a list of companies to contact, but not the details of the contact persons for all the companies. I would like to import that data in order to contact the companies and go further from there. But when importing the file without contact persons are not imported. Is there a work around on this?