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Import/Export data
Import/Export data

Discuss the best methods to Import and Export information

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Lead inbox behaviour?

Hi folks,

I'm intrigued by the new lead inbox feature. And I am aware it is in beta, but perhaps someone can explain the intended function.

If I use the LeadBooster on our website to capture new leads, they appear in the lead inbox. This does not create a new contact/organization in the main contacts database. Which is exactly what I was hoping to get!

I next tried to import leads from an excel. These leads ended up being imported into organizations/contacts and do not show up in the leads inbox at all. Did I miss a step and is... (More)


Hello everyone!


I coudn't be able to export a document with all of the business that was included in my account an the "pipe drive" gave me 72h to get this inform.


I need this document because my cia is preparing a important financial report, and they needed it as soon as possible.


I think we need a update to improve that.





Pessoal, alguém já importou leads e eles não apareceram no funil?

Pessoal, sou novo aqui! tudo bem como vocês? Estou com uma dificuldade aparentemente simples: Meus leads não estão aparecendo no meu funil, apenas na base de contatos e sem algumas informações da planilha. Faço a importação certinha e aparece como concluída mas nenhum dos leads importados aparecem no meu funil :/

obs: Na primeira vez que fiz uma importação os leads apareceram no funil


Agradeço de verdade quem puder me dar esse help :D

Czy można cofnąć skasowanie całego lejka?

Dobry wieczór. Hmmm...poleciałem blondynką.Dodałem etap do lejka i chciałem skasować ten etap, niestety skasowałem cały lejek.


Czy można cofnąć skasowanie całego lejka?