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Import/Export data
Import/Export data

Discuss the best methods to Import and Export information

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Can I import a data spreadsheet and assign user to the contacts?

I'm uploading a spreadsheet and I'm adding activities but I would like. to assign all these activities to one user, and not the user who is importing the data. is it possible?


Export Deal - Person Details missing

When i export a deal to an excel it used to include the phone number and email address of the primary person attached to the deal. For some reason this no longer happens and only the name comes through.

Can it please be changed back asap? We use the information in other spread sheets to generate documents we use, so our process now has an extra step manually adding those details.

Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

Names of variables in export are difficult for auromation and data analysis

I recently did a lot of heavy data analysis and data cleaning from pipedrive and it became extremely difficult to handle the names when using exported xlsx  in different programs. 

“Organisation - variable” is a bit unlucky as the standarsd is using variable names without spaces - i.e. “Organisation.variable” or “Organisation_variable” - I then have to manually clean the variables names every time I do some export. 

Importing contact issue

I am trying to import a contact list but when I select the '...' on the left hand side there is only the option to export. How can I change this?