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Import/Export data
Import/Export data

Discuss the best methods to Import and Export information

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View Open Deals per Month - Data Visualization

Does anyone know of a way to view the Value of all Open Deals per month? Regardless of the current status. For example, "What was the value of Open Deals during March 2021" (regardless of whether those deals are open/closed at this point). I have been exporting data and creating Pivot Tables, can't seem to answer that question. 


Thanks in advance

Niklas Tschöpe
Working Student Marketing

Is there a way to export all deal data to a pdf?

I would like to take all the data from a deal, like notes, e-mails and activities and share them with other people in my company that don't use Pipedrive. This would be very useful for restructuring our file system because we cannot make everyone in our company use Pipedrive.

Is there a way for me to export all the deal data to a word document or a pdf for example?

Import Function missing

Good day all, 

My boss recently got me/us onto Pipedrive and it looks great. However, I have an Excel doc with way over 100 active contacts that I want to mass-import, but the function is missing from my "Other" tab. Does anybody know how to remedy this please?

Export Insight Reports to PDF

I know that it's not currently possible to export reports to a PDF file with graph images, but is something that's currently being looked into for future implementation?  It'd save my team a lot of time, as we currently have to use the snipping tool to manually cut and paste graph images/data into various documents for distribution to potential clients.