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Import2 Wizard
Import2 Wizard

Import2 Wizard is a simple and easy to set up tool that lets you import or export your business data between favorite apps and Pipedrive. 

Import2 Wizard supports all important data objects in Pipedrive: activities, people, organizations, deals, notes, pipelines, users, stages and more.

Tag @Mark Kofman for questions.

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Hannah Fairchilds
Director of Business Development

We just acquired another company who uses pipedrive as well. How can I import their existing pipelines into my version of PD? I could use some step by step instructions on how to accomplish this.

3rd party Wizard


We have engaged a 3rd party to develop a wizard on top of PD API. We were told that we need to allocate an Admin account for the wizard to continue working. The wizard require a token from the admin account. But we disagree with this approach since by providing the 3rd party with an Admin account, they can then view and have access to our data. Is there an alternative to this? Thanks

Need to import data to Pipedrive? Maybe Import2 Wizard is your answer

If you're thinking of importing data into Pipedrive, talk to @Mark Kofman on how Import2 Wizard can help make this process easier.