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Important fields
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Free LinkedIn to Pipedrive Contact Importer!

Import LinkedIn contacts to Pipedrive in a click

LinkPort- a free LinkedIn to Pipedrive importer lets you add LinkedIn contacts to Pipedrive in a click. 

You can fill your Pipedrive CRM with unlimited LinkedIn contacts without any manual work. 

Here's a video on how LinkPort works with Pipedrive

P.S - LinkPort is free for the first 500 Pipedrive users. It’s filling up fast. Go and  grab the free access now

Important Fields Entry on Mobile App.

For organizations like ours that are updating information on the go, Important field data entry is a must.  Has this been brought up or even discussed on here? Right now it seems like all important fields do not show up under the deals detail in the mobile app. 


Thanks ! 



LinkPort major update

Hey guys, 

Here’s an exciting update for LinkPort!

All Pipedrive users can now start importing contacts from the Sales navigator as well apart from regular LinkedIn.

You can also create your own Pipedrive custom fields for LinkedIn contacts and start importing in a jiffy!

Haven’t you downloaded it yet? Go ahead and get the early access for free.

Note: Free access is only for the first 500 users. We really don’t want you to miss this chance.

Free Tool Alert !!

Are you someone who hunts for leads on LinkedIn all day?

If you’re one, trust me, I know how mundane it can get to copy-paste LinkedIn contacts to Pipedrive day in and out.

I have a crazy, free solution for you!!

LinkPort - a completely free Chrome Extension that lets you import LinkedIn contacts into Pipedrive in a click.

You can,

  • Update Pipedrive fields like name, email, phone, the organization directly from LinkedIn
  • Import unlimited LinkedIn contacts to Pipedrive
  • Save 2+ hours each day and boost productivity

Just connect your Pipedrive account to LinkPort and fill your CRM with hot... (More)