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Important fields
Important fields
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Hi Paddy! Hope you're well and safe :)

I have made an automation some time ago that makes fields be mandatory under certain conditions (e.g - users not being able to win deals or move them in stages until the field has been filled in). You can have a look at the video I made (with sound) here -

Also the automation that you asked originally in the post, you can create something like this for example (it's similar to the mandatory fields, but instead of preventing the deal from moving further, it will send an email to the... (More)

Link fields to a specific pipeline

I've created a field that is specific to a single pipeline however it is appearing in all the other pipelines and I can't see anywhere to hide it? 


For example - if I have a pipeline about car repairs - I need fields for make and model, but if my other pipeline is about window installation in houses - then I don't need to see these fields!

I've ticked the 'important' option for the one pipeline, but it is still appearing in the other pipelines.


Any help is appreciated

Required fields update 🚀

Since this week you'll be able to set wether certain fields are required when marking a deal as won or lost.

This update will help make sure all necessary information is there when closing deals.
Read more about required fields here.

Can we have Hidden Fields please?

I would love to have "Hidden  Fields" which are setup the same way as Important Fields and Required Fields. This would allow us to customize which fields are visible for different pipelines.