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Inbound sales
Inbound sales
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Actual SDR’s talk about best practises for email outreach 👇

We asked Outplay’s sales team members who have consistently achieved their quota targets on what strategy they follow for their superb sales email game. Here are the highlights -

  1. I like to keep things simple. Every one of my emails follows the AIDA framework. This is how it works - Grab reader’s attention, pique their interest, and generate a desire in them to take an action.
    Bill Stiber
  2. I go with a short subject line, a personalized elevator pitch, and a catchy CTA at the end.
    Manthan Gupta
  3. I make sure I ask my prospects a question on what problem... (More)

The one small tweak you can do to handle the prospect no-show better ✍️

What do you do when a prospect books a meeting with you but does not show up for it?

Something like - "Hi Mark - we waited for 15-minutes on the call. Looks like we missed you today, when would you like to reschedule?"

When Sri (a new SDR at Outplay) read Josh Braun’s technique, he tried something different.

He sent, “Hi Mark,

This is how I picture you and your team put down fires, and maybe that's why you couldn't make it. That's okay. Would you still want to meet me after the fires are down? "

The... (More)

Let's help each other out! Any travel companies present?

Good afternoon,

My name is Olmo from the Netherlands and I run a travel agency. Would there be any other PD-users with a similar occupation be interested in some brainstorming in how we can make use of PD in the best possible way. I'm facing several challenges (and I might be able to help you out on others):

A 'large' (?) number of incoming leads (this can be 10-20 per day), how to keep that structured? Many of them will also be 'very cold' leads

In general: how do you go about with sending reminders to leads (after no or... (More)