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Inbound sales
Inbound sales
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What you should avoid to have a successful lunch meeting

Holding your next sales meeting over lunch is a great way to build relationships while talking business.

Just make sure you:

  • Avoid drinking too much. Boozy lunch meetings are common in some business circles, but try to keep your wits about you. Judge the atmosphere of the meeting and try to pace yourself. It might be tempting to have another glass of wine, but business comes first. 
  • Avoid answering your phone. Hold an interruption-free conversation with your guests so they feel valued and know they have your full attention. Put your phone on silent before the meeting, and let people know that you’ll be unavailable for phone calls over lunch that day. 
  • Try to avoid messy foods. Save the notoriously messy foods, like ribs or buffalo wings, for non-business-related meals. You’ll avoid embarrassing spills and maintain a professional appearance.
  • Don’t jump right into business. Start with introductions and light conversation and conduct business after the ice is broken. Planning your meeting in “courses” (starter = recap; main = pitch; deserts = Q&A) can come in handy.

How often do you host business lunches and how do you ensure they run smoothly?

Click here for a breakdown of the importance of regular lunch meetings, as well as 12 tips to be a great lunch host.

Level up your Lead-gen by combining our Web Visitors and Prospector functionalities

We think we’ve introduced a game changer when it comes to converting your leads into deals. 🤩 

You might be familiar with our Web Visitors add-on which reveals the names of companies who visit your website and what content they engage with. 

You also might be familiar with Prospector, which enables you to access a database of 400 million outbound leads and filter by your ideal customer profile.

👉👉We’ve now made it possible to combine Web Visitors and Prospector! That means you can see who’s visiting your site and then reveal their contact info, making it easy to follow-up with your leads. It’s all GDPR compliant too!

I have been using a 5500 service called MiEdge.  It is similar to Judy Diamond.  Along with Seamless AI for help confirming c suite members and emails.

Max Whicher
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