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Inbound sales
Inbound sales
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Lead, Customer and Business Partner Marketing Solution

This will likely be too much for a single post,, but here goes! We operate in the service industry & get prospects from several sources, including: (1) Angie's List, (2) Home Advisor and (3) a Ductz website. With the exception of (3), each of these sources have had "custom" e-mail parsing and web page scraping developed to import the leads/prospects ( (1) & (2) ). Of course, these are "home-grown" integrations (mostly work), but there are still some holes since this has been developed piecemeal. Also, another integration that's somewhat annoying are the phone calls - we utilize RingCentral IP... (More)

Caller Function

Would really be great if you guys could make the pipedrive- caller function to recieve inbound calls. 
If you guys do this, make sure to have it function in Norway. 

I have tried out a lot of the caller apps in pipedrive, and nobody got inbound call function for norway. Its only outbound, so as a total sale CRM system, the inbound calls should be integrated! 

Recording Sales that don't have a deal

Is there a way of recording sales without having a deal on Pipedrive?

80% of our business will be deals that we track through the sales process and we know are coming in advance. Many times however, we have orders where customers have simply emailed in a purchase order. What is the best way of recording this on pipedrive?

If we add a deal on pipedrive and win it immediately for the ad hoc orders, that then scews the deal velocity averages.

However, if we don't put those orders on pipedrive at all, the revenue figures are incorrect.

Any ideas,... (More)

Outbound and inbound pipelines

👋 I would love to get your experience designing efficient pipelines that can cover both Outbound and Inbound efforts.

We currently have an Inbound pipeline and a Sales pipeline. We move them from Inbound to Sales pipeline once they are qualified.

Now, as we get more serious about Outbound, we are thinking about a new pipeline where we qualify them, have the first call and pass it to the AE waiting in the "Sales" pipeline.

How do you manage your pipeline taking into account different teams to manage outbound and inbound?

Thanks so much!