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Incoming SMS with Keyword (TAGS) with automated response

Hello Everyone!

I've got a tough one. I'm working with a friend and trying to find a system that can integrate to Pipedrive that offers SMS in with Keyword/Tag commands. The goal is a truly integrated system but, if I have a Zapier setup, I'll be fine as well. Basically, my friend is a roofer and he currently uses Infustionsoft (Keap). They have a unique integration with a company called FixYourFunnel. On his truck, he has his business number and it says something like "Text "TRUCK" to XXXXXXXXXXX to learn more". When FixYourFunnel receives the keyword TRUCK, it asks the... (More)

PieSync users help needed

Have you been able to replace Zapier with PieSync when it comes to creating deals and using stage moves to trigger automated follow up in other platforms?

Or is Zapier still necessary for some of your actions?
Looking at Pipedrive to Infusionsoft sync and want to simplify and save money on the integration.


Looking to link Pipedrive to Infusionsoft via Zapier

Just wondering on the Infusionsoft side, prior to jumping in and testing, whether it’s possible to add a prospect to an automation in IS when a deal is in a particular PD stage; and then when the deal is moved to the next PD pipeline stage, the prospect is then removed from that IS automation and added to another one.

Had a quick look and it looks like there’s an action to add a tag in IS, which I’m guessing would solve for adding a prospect to a sequence.

However, would this action also work for removing someone from one... (More)

Infusionsoft question

Hello, who here uses PipeDrive alongside Infusionsoft at an advanced level for a sales team?