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Reports across Multiple Pipelines


I currently have a sales process for a B2B SaaS and we recently shifted from 1 big pipeline to 3 shorter ones. Here were our stages

  1. Lead-in (We can't use Leadinbox because you can't filter by address)
  2. Cold
  3. Warm
  4. Reschedule Demo
  5. Demo Set
  6. Set Trial
  7. Onboarding
  8. Monitor
  9. Ready for Close

We used to have one big pipeline and we recently chopped it up into "Qualification" with step 1-5 and then "Conversion" for steps 6-9. This is great to separate the pipeline for SDRs and AEs, however we can't get data across pipelines.. This is a HUGE problem.

For example... (More)

Adela Kalkantova
Market Development Representative

How can we best keep track of lead sources and channels?

We're using our PD for the whole sales process from MQLs to Customers and we would like to keep track of details such as which marketing channel they used, which source they came from and also have the reports for this. Are there any handy tips how to do this? 

Turn off data measurement when moving a deal backwards


It would be nice to be able to turn off data measurement when you move a deal backwards in the pipe.

To give a concrete example; one of our operational KPIs e our sales team is measured on is booked meetings which is connected to our third stage (trigger is that when a meeting is booked, move from stage 2 to stage 3). So, if a sales rep move the deal back because I as a team lead has challenged the quality of this specific deal, the stats looks like the sales rep scheduled a new meeting when he... (More)

Deals with Multiple Sales People

I am new to this community and am setting up my system now. Are there any recommendations to get great reporting when you have multiple people working on a deal?