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Exclude Won Stage from Insights

We have "won" also as a stage. After that stage, there is another stage.
Unfortunately, insights always show "won button clicked" as the last stage.
Sounds fairly easy to exclude that?

Cummulative Trends Insights

It would be really insightful to create graphs that show cumulative values as a trend and the quarterly/yearly add to that. 

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Photo from

Insights: Compare custom periods, e.g. pyp

Hi there, I have dug into the insights function and I am really loving it. I don't seem to be able though to add another time period, when analyzing my data. 

E.g. I want to compare deals created ty YTD vs py YTD. I have tried to work with the custom period of the dashboard and the report, but don't seem to get any further. 

I appreciate your input
thanks and cheers