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Adding a "Copy" button for data fields

Pipedrive should add a "copy" button beside the contact/organization fields, so that users could easily copy the content without having to click on the "Edit" icon and then copy the content.

Amit SardaPipedrive Expert | Community Driver
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Pipedrive Caller: Feedback on usage, Insights, Reporting

The support staff in the team are calling customers on behalf of the deal owners using Pipedrive Caller. The call log says who called the customer, but the activity is still assigned to the person who the outstanding was assigned to. There is no option to edit this call log and assign it to the person who made the call, except by creating a list view of these calls. This is now resulting in the team raising concerns about measuring sales efforts since the efforts are not logged against the person who took the efforts.

There is no option to get insights from Pipedrive Caller data either.


Would really appreciate some major improvements to the Pipedrive Caller functionality to see better adoption of the Pipedrive Caller feature.

Geographical Report

How do I create a Report geographically in Insights Section ? There is no Address in drop down of Deal category. Please guide.

Google Data Studio

Hello Pipedrive Community!

I am Menna from the Pipedrive team and trying to understand some of the main struggles you have when building reports using:

  • Deal and contact data
  • Product Data
  • Filter by custom fields (Contacts. products. ..etc)

We are considering building a connector with Google Data Studio to satisfy some of those needs as our internal Insights solutions continue to evolve.

Does this resonate with you? Any thoughts you’d like to share? 😊📈