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'Next week' relative date filters in Insights

It would be great if 'next week' could be a relative date filter in Activity insights.  Being able to understand Meeting activities with a due date of next week would be a great forward view to our sales activity next week

Planned: Insights to get Product reporting and Forecast reporting

Our team continues working full-steam ahead to make Insights live to its full potential. 💪

The next improvements in line should be the ability to create reports including Products, and to create forecast reports.

These two will cover much-asked and much-needed options for our users to make the most of their reporting, making it more flexible and more informative.

A peek of what's on the horizon:

  • View and segment reports by deal Products
  • Measure by number of Products and value
  • Create Revenue Forecast reports in Insights

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Currently Pipedrive does not allow to create reports by "Products".  This would normally be considered a bear minimum feature for all CRM and sales management platforms, so organisations can constantly monitor the performance of products overtime.  Request this feature be made available as priority for all future Insight report and dashboard features.  When will this be available? 

Insights Reports Graphs

Hi all, 

Insights is looking great and coming along well. But given this reporting feature is an integral component of using Pipedrive successfully. It would be great to see Insights fast tracked to completion ASAP. 

Anyway my suggestion is we should have  a feature in the reporting graphs section where we can choose a Line Graph. Not just bar graphs or columns or pie charts. A line graph as a much better representation of stats progress. Thanks