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Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
Managing Director - -

Feature Request: Set goals on additional KPIs

Today I saw a pipeline with the stages "Inbound Leads" and "Outbound Leads". My first reaction: This is a deal source, not a stage. But then I learned why this company worked like this: They do set a goal for their marketing team to bring in a certain amount of inbound deals. And you just can set goals on new deals in a certain phase and not to new deals with a certain custom field like "deal source".

So this beautiful idea of stages in pipelines is completely abused by finding workarounds just to set very normal Marketing and Sales... (More)

Jeferson Umezaki
Sales | Export | Business Inteligence | CRM Pipedrive

Products Insights


How can I create a dashboard with Products and filtering One specific country?

Thank you.

Goals: FR Track Sales Targets on Fiscal Year Quarterly, not Calendar Year

Goals is a great feature! The only limiting factor I find in using it for real life is ability to make Quarterly targets tied to Fiscal Year, not Calendar Year. I mean, many businesses set targets, report on and measure Sales by Quarter and combined into a Fiscal Year that may be different from Calendar year. Currently Pipedrive only supports Calendar quarters which makes this wonderful feature disconnected from operations and finance. Suggested improvement: setting for custom fiscal year with custom quarters. For example our FY goes from Feb 1 to Jan 31, and using the current functionality gives me... (More)

Pipedrive - you are not geared up to help large companies.

Hi guys,

I am getting more and more frustrated with Pipedrive as our company continues to grow and grow. Your software is simply not design for scalability, which ironically is the purpose of a CRM! From limited pricing packages (which have been mentioned a dozen times in this community), to unshareable data dashboards which show individual data patterns within dates, as well as the inability to have a rotting data dashboard, it simply shows that you are reporting is seriously limited. I don't understand why I keep getting UX updates when reporting is lacking. All i want to see is... (More)