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Insycle Data Management
Insycle Data Management

Insycle is a modern data management solution that makes it simple to manage, automate, and maintain clean customer databases in Pipedrive.

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Bulk update columns with value of another column


I am very new to Pipedrive and our team has (4 days ago) made a migration from Salesforce.   We created a column to capture the original Deal Date and now we want to update the default "Deal Created" date in Pipedrive with the value from the column we created for the input. 

What is the best,  fastest, and most secure way to process this?  Perferably using available tools and not having to write code/use api.   Or if it is not possible using available tools can someone direct us to references on how to achive this with code /using the api.



Insycle is one of the newest apps in our Marketplace, but how does it work?

@Jonathan Lee works with Insycle and is a great resource to learn more about the application.

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