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Integration platforms
Integration platforms
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[Feature Request] Automation trigger for Smart Docs signing

The smart docs eSignatures are a great way to streamline clients' signing on proposals and quotes.

However currently we can't get a trigger from Pipedrive (either in Workflow automation or via API / Zapier / Integromat) when a document has been signed.

Having such an automation trigger will enable to kickstart onboarding workflows automatically once a contract has been signed by all parties inside Pipedrive.

Could anyone else make use of such an automation trigger?

How to get complete address of contact into Zapier

I'm trying to get a contact's address in Zapier to integrate with Lob and send them a postcard when a deal hits a certain stage, but the address does not include the zip code.  Zapier doesn't see custom fields, so I can't get it that way, either.  Has anyone had success with getting a complete, usable address out of Pipedrive in to Zapier?

Better Address format for use with Zapier

The single line autofill for addresses is great when entering an address, but it is very difficult to do anything with the address in Zapier because it does not contain the zip code in the address field that Zapier has access to. I tried creating custom fields for the address to match the format needed in zapier (Address line 1, Address line 2, City, St, Zip), but Zapier does not get the custom fields. Please help!!!

My particular app I'm trying to integrate with is Lob to send prospects a postcard when a specific stage is updated, so a direct... (More)

API Token/ key on deactivated accounts

Hi all, 


Does anyone know how to get the api token and key for deactivated users? 


Thanks in advance