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Integration platforms
Integration platforms
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Help Updating Deals in Airtable via Zapier


Has anyone been able to mass update deals automatically via Zapier into Airtable (or other software?)

I've got a zap set up to bring new deals into my Airtable pipeline.

However, when I update existing deals in PD it doesn't automatically update in AT. 

I've set up an "Update Deals" zap but it seems I need to create a separate zap for each deal, which seems unwieldy.

Any help much appreciated.


Looking for Automation expert/help

Located in US, east coast - would like to hire someone to help me build out various automations. Not super complicated, but need text messages as well as email so will need to incorporate both PD and Zapier automations.

I need to understand the setups so I can manage/edit as needed. I've previously done this myself but I think an expert would be able to help me get this done faster. I'm converting from a different software and want to recreate automations we already have set up.

Date and time formatting in Integromat (Make)


I want to send an email with the date and time of a meeting via Integromat. However, the next activity data comes into separate parts : 1 The due date of the activity and the due time of the activity.

Does anybody know how to combine those data all together in order to form a single one ? 


Question about display organisation adress



I'm looking for a solution to display the adress of an organisation (not the organisation linked to the deal) but a custom organisation field in a confirmation e-mail.

So, in the screenshot below: I would like to display the adress of 'Camping Ganspoort' in a e-mail template


I can access this adress in third party tools, but not directly in Pipedrive if I'm correct. Is there a way? I found somewhere a Zapier could be an option, but don't understand how that should work.