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Integration platforms
Integration platforms
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Zapier Issues

Hi everyone, I've noticed recently that Pipedrive data in Zapier is no longer in text form rather it's outputted as numbers. Does anyone know why this is? How to fix it? Its mainly for dropdown, multichoice and single option fields. 

Integrating Outlook with Pipedrive - Help

Hi Guys, We're looking to build a Zapier integration with Pipedrive for all email enquires that flow through.

The Process

Every time an email hits our admin email account - we want to create a deal on our admin Pipeline, so the entire team can see enquiry - who its from and the basic details as well.

The issue is, we may have existing customers or new people making enquires, so it would be great to know if you can add a find function that will link the enquiry to an existing customer if necessary? if the enquiry comes from a new person, we would want to create that person in Pipedrive as well.

Has anyone done this before?

Zappier not linking person to deal


Hello pipedrive Community. I made a zap that creates a org and person out of an typeform and then puts all of that in a deal. it works fine except the fact that the person does not automatically link to the deal but is apart of the orginazation, any clues on how I can automatically add the person to the deal?

Send the Zapier deals to a specific pipeline

Dear Support,

Is there anyway to send a new deal from website to a specific pipeline?

Currently it is going to a default pipeline and below is my Zapier setting

  1. Trigger - New Form Entry in WPForms
  2. Action - Deal in Pipedrive

I am not able to find any settings on the Zapier end.