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Discussion on Integromat, a fully-loaded integration tool for connecting online apps/services.

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Customized Client or Lead History field- for filtering

What is the best way in your opinion to keep track of a person's activity: signups for webinars, events, courses and so forth? The idea is to be able to perform a filter of people: who did what, who attended which event r paid for what course, and use that info for future marketing?

I was thinking about trying to create a customized field (lets say: "event history" which will be a multiple option field). I though about trying to update that field when a person signs up to an event or course from my mailing list system(using integromat for... (More)

אוטומציות בין סמוב לפייפדרייב

Hi friends!

I want to create automations for creating and / or updating contacts between Pipedrive and Smoove. I want either one to pull data from the other, and update fields or create new contact, if none exists.

My contacts have custom fields. The main one which I am getting a headache from is the events history. I want to be able to know which events(webinars/courses/lectures) a contact attended since the day was first created. I have multiple events and courses going on at once, some are signed up from smoove landing pages, some from embeded smoove forms, others(in the... (More)

Community Roundup - Volume 9 🗣️

2021 may still be recovering from the champagne and confetti but in Community we hit the ground running. 

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🔥  Can You Automatically Unfollow Deals When Ownership Changes?


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Automatically unfollow deal when owner is switched

Deals in our pipeline will sometimes switch owners at a certain stage. But, the previous owner continues to follow that deal unless they manually unfollow it.

I need a way to have a user unfollow a deal when the owner changes because the pipeline can become filled with deals that are no longer relevant and it can be difficult to manually filter through all of them to identify which are in need of unfollowing.

The only solution I have is a daily routine of checking all the deals to see if ownership has changed and manually unfollowing each one.

Does... (More)