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Discussion on Integromat, a fully-loaded integration tool for connecting online apps/services.

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Attribution tool: 2 Way updates between Google Analytics & Pipedrive?

Can anyone recommend an app / service that can:

  1. Tag visitors to site by GA ID
  2. Track form completions (WordPress / Gravity Forms)
  3. Import customer data into Pipedrive deal (GA ID, Campaign, browser, landing page, etc...)
  4. If Pipedrive deal is won, send goal completion data back to GA

A service called Punchydata was able to do this, but unfortunately, they seems to have shut down.

Thank you!

Android SMS's automatically recorded in the clients file - is this possible please?

I need to keep records of all my client communication, and so far the only thing that isn't recorded automatically is SMS's. Is there a way to set up an integration that when a client sends me an SMS it is automatically recorded in their file? It would be great if it could also track the whole conversation (ie my replies as well), but at the moment I'm happy to settle with what I can get!!! (PS I'm in New Zealand and our phone systems are somehow different)

Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
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Pipedrive rechnen lassen

Wir bekommen immer wieder die Frage, ob man in Pipedrive einen Wert aus zwei anderen Feldern berechnen lassen kann. Bis vor kurzem hätte ich gesagt: Schwierig! :-) Aber so geht es ganz einfach:

Und sicherheitshalber hier auch der Link, falls Sie Integromat testen wollen. Damit bekommen Sie 10.000 Operations gratis:

Der YouTubekanal für Deutschsprachige Tipps & Tricks ist übrigens brandneu. Wir freuen uns über jeden einzelnen Abonnenten und veröffentlichen dort ab jetzt immer wieder solche Videos.

Und bei Fragen: Gerne melden! 

Integrating with Pipedrive

Hey team, I'll start out by saying that I am no expert in what I am doing here, but that I wanted to simply share this for your interest only.

About a year ago, I was building a new production management system for our manufacturing company - my goal at the time was simply to allow our production team to do away with the hand written pieces of A4 paper stuck to the whiteboard with magnets, and covered in scribbles. At the time I selected as our platform of choice to display the data. It's not perfect, but it's... (More)