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Integromat Automation
Integromat Automation
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David ZisnerCommunity Driver
CEO at LeAndolini Solutions Ltd.

[Feature Request] Automation trigger for Smart Docs signing

The smart docs eSignatures are a great way to streamline clients' signing on proposals and quotes.

However currently we can't get a trigger from Pipedrive (either in Workflow automation or via API / Zapier / Integromat) when a document has been signed.

Having such an automation trigger will enable to kickstart onboarding workflows automatically once a contract has been signed by all parties inside Pipedrive.

Could anyone else make use of such an automation trigger?

Trazer dados públicos de uma empresa pelo CNPJ no Pipedrive

Conteúdo rápido e rasteiro \o/

Bora enriquecer os dados cadastrais dos seus cientes diretamente no Pipedrive atraves do CNPJ usando o Integromat

E esta é só uma pequena dose do que esta por vir!

Link nos comentários.

#pipedrive #enriquecimentodedados

Synchronize your Pipedrive data with ActiveCampaign, both ways in real time with just one click! 🖱️

Hi! 😊

I'm building a new software service that might be interesting for you, guys! 🤝

I'm a software developer with few years of experience in data integration for sales and marketing people like you!

Recently I have discovered that there is a lack of simple service that allows you to easily synchronize your CRM records with ActiveCampaign - in real time and both ways! 🔄

It is so easy - you connect your PD and AC accounts and your data starts synchronizing with basic workflow. Then you can spend your time to customize it if you want.

Would it be interesting for you? If you have the synchronization in place already - what tools are you using? 👷


option_id for multiple option custom field


i have a customized field with multiple options. the field is updated automatically with an Integromat automation based on an external mailing system(landing page). I want to make sure the automation does not erase past data in this field, and instead- updates it. I need the option_id of the various options in the field for this, also- how do I get the option_id for future options? since I will be adding more options all the time. thanks!