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Integromat Automation
Integromat Automation
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Hi! 😊

I'm building a new software service that might be interesting for you, guys! 🤝

I'm a software developer with few years of experience in data integration for sales and marketing people like you!

Recently I have discovered that there is a lack of simple service that allows you to easily synchronize your CRM records with ActiveCampaign - in real time and both ways! 🔄

It is so easy - you connect your PD and AC accounts and your data starts synchronizing with basic workflow. Then you can spend your time to customize it if you want.

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option_id for multiple option custom field


i have a customized field with multiple options. the field is updated automatically with an Integromat automation based on an external mailing system(landing page). I want to make sure the automation does not erase past data in this field, and instead- updates it. I need the option_id of the various options in the field for this, also- how do I get the option_id for future options? since I will be adding more options all the time. thanks!

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Pipedrive rechnen lassen

Wir bekommen immer wieder die Frage, ob man in Pipedrive einen Wert aus zwei anderen Feldern berechnen lassen kann. Bis vor kurzem hätte ich gesagt: Schwierig! :-) Aber so geht es ganz einfach:

Und sicherheitshalber hier auch der Link, falls Sie Integromat testen wollen. Damit bekommen Sie 10.000 Operations gratis:

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