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Discussion on Intercom, a messaging platform which allows businesses to communicate with prospective and existing customers.

Also, you can discuss the Intercom integration built by Highways.

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Efir Media
International Branding, Web Design & UX/UI Agency

Allow me to MINIMIZE the Intercom chat of Pipedrive - not CLOSE it entirely

When I'm seeking help from Pipedrive on a certain problem, I use the chat and it takes up a portion of the screen. This is a problem when the Intercom chat covers a section I want to get to. If I could minimize the chat (not close) that would help immensely. See pics for more comments 

Setting an alternate reply to address for emails sent from Pipedrive

Use case is:

  • customer receives an email created in Pipedrive and sent with Gmail synch
  • the 'reply to' address is set to a different address than the email sender address (the address that is synched with Pipedrive)
  • this will enable all replies to be sent to one address that is delivered direct to a Sales Team in Intercom and avoid having to have the whole team's email addresses all delivering into Intercom separately
  • It would also be helpful for specific campaigns to have a different reply to address
  • this can be achieved by mirroring the settings in Gmail where a... (More)
Mo Malayeri
Sales @

Suggestions for Intercom's Pipedrive app

Are there any plans to improve the Intercom integration? Here are a couple of ideas I have.

  • Right now it's only possible to create deals from Intercom. I actually need a way to create the person or a direct link to take me to the person page on Pipedrive
  • Sending organization and person links as custom attributes to Intercom

Intercom is one of the most popular messaging platforms to connect people to potential customers. helps bridge the gap between Intercom and Pipedrive

If you're curious about how exactly their integration works, try tagging @Max K in your questions.