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Discussion on Intercom, a messaging platform which allows businesses to communicate with prospective and existing customers.

Also, you can discuss the Intercom integration built by Highways.

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Suggestions for Intercom's Pipedrive app

Are there any plans to improve the Intercom integration? Here are a couple of ideas I have.

  • Right now it's only possible to create deals from Intercom. I actually need a way to create the person or a direct link to take me to the person page on Pipedrive
  • Sending organization and person links as custom attributes to Intercom

Intercom is one of the most popular messaging platforms to connect people to potential customers. helps bridge the gap between Intercom and Pipedrive

If you're curious about how exactly their integration works, try tagging @Max K in your questions.

[BETA] Want to sync all of your interactions with customers into Pipedrive?

Hey Pipedrivers, do you want to sync all of your communication with customers to Pipedrive?

Do you want to see how and when your team are interacting with prospects in Pipedrive?

Do you want to auto populate your Pipedrive Contact Timelines with communication info?

If you currently use: Intercom, Drift, Front or LiveChat we'd love to give you free access to beta test our product.

🤖 Announcing Operator, a new bot that takes care of the simple stuff so you don’t have to.