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Marco GovoniSolution provider partner
ICT Senior Consultant | CyberSecurity for People & Companies

Informazioni sul gruppo Pipedrive Italy

Per tutti i nuovi (numerosi) arrivati, vi ricordo che questo gruppo ha l'obiettivo di fornire informazioni oltre che condividere esperienze: fatevi avanti! 

Se trovate 5 minuti mi piacerebbe che postaste una vostra presentazione, in particolare:

  • chi siete
  • cosa fate
  • perché avete adottato Pipedrive, oppure
  • perché NON lo state usando ;-)

A presto!

Sawadee krub Pipedrivers !

Hello Pipedrivers !

I've been working in Thailand for more than 3 years as Business Analyst and last year my company partenered-up with Pipedrive. 

As the Premier Partner in Thailand we are here to help businesses to optimize and improve their sales through this amazing CRM ! 

This channel is made to help all Thailand users and to bring out the best of Pipedrive features. So please if you have any questions related or any tips to share, go ahead :)

Wish you the best !

สู้สู้ คิดบวก !



Marco GovoniSolution provider partner
ICT Senior Consultant | CyberSecurity for People & Companies

Welcome on board!

Un benvenuto a tutti i nuovi membri della community italiana di Pipedrive! Se avete dubbi, curiosità o suggerimenti, fatevi avanti: siamo qui per questo ;-)

🇹🇭 Pipedrive Thailand channel gets a new Channel Leader! 🎉

Everybody welcome @Geoffrey as the Channel Leader and tell us a bit about yourselves. What do you do, what brings you here?

@Geoffrey Your responsibilities are to regularly keep the channel engaged with content (your own posts, articles you found interesting, blogs, podcasts, videos, sharing tips, successes and pains, organizing virtual channel meet-ups, ...), promote discussion among members and bring in new members. Feel free to edit the description of the channel however you see fit (just click the three dots in the upper right corner > Edit).

Please introduce yourself as the Thailand community leader and spread the... (More)