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Gints BranksPipedrive Employee
Product Marketing Executive - Campaigns

Welcome to the Community channel!

Welcome to the community and thank you for joining! 👋

Let's use this group to exchange ideas and help fellow marketers succeed with exceptionally good email marketing! 

We invite you to use this post to introduce yourself, so we can get to know each other better! 

Cheers to your success! 🚀

A brief introduction😊

Hey guys! Just want to introduce myself here as a new Pipedrive user. I run a video production company in Dublin, which is challenging the norms in this industry by approaching video development in a rather different way. Our website is if any of you would like to check us out😃 Would love to connect with you guys too, if you'd like to add me on LinkedIn👍🏼

Eric Melchor
Bonjoro Partnerships Ambassador

I like noodles

Howdy Pipedrive Fam! Eric here, Texas expat living in Romania. 🤠🇷🇴
In addition to being a mediocre tennis player, I host a mediocre podcast where I interview fascinating startups from Northern and Eastern Europe.

And to pay the bills, I work for Bonjoro - an awesome video email tool. We are working on a cool integration with Pipedrive that will allow you to send personal videos quickly and easily to leads/customers at the perfect time. 🎥📩

Look forward to getting to know you all!


🇫🇮 Finland gets a Channel Leader! 🎉

Everybody welcome @Juho Koski as the Finland Channel Leader and tell us a bit about yourselves. What do you do, what brings you here? Let's get the Finnish channel moving! 🚀 


💡 Remember that everyone is encouraged to contribute to the channel (your own posts, articles you found interesting, blogs, podcasts, videos, sharing tips, successes and pains, ...), promote discussion among members, and bring in new Finland members.