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Outil de facturation connecté à Pipedrive

Hello la french team des pipedrivers ;)

Je pose une question estivale. Connaissez-vous un outil qu'on peut brancher à Pipedrive pour connecter la facturation ? 

Bonnes vacances ! 


Paul Fernley
Head of Partnerships and Commercial Strategy

Add a percentage fee to every deal?

New to pipedrive, so I'm sorry if I'm being stupid! 

For some of our clients, they ask up to add a 10% Production Fee to an estimate/invoice.

In the deal module, is it possible to add a module to make that happen? It could work exactly the same as the Tax clause, if we could duplicate and rename that.

It would ideally live after 'sub total' before the full 'total'?

Does anyone know if that's possible?


Deal products not automatically populated in Invoice tab??

When you create a deal & enter the products etc, why does these products lines not show once you click on INVOICE. Surely Pipedrive should populated this automatically so you don't have to type it all out again.

Also, we use Xero and need this feature in order to save time.

Products / Invoicing / Subscriptions

I've added various products and linked them to all open and won deals.  These are tiered membership rates for our organisation.   However, when I go to set up  the subscription/payment details for each won deal I have to manually input the data - can this be linked to products so that it is completely automatically?