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Xero Integration



Are there any plans to be able to have multiple Xero companies connected to your Pipedrive account?

We manage multiple brands and currently I can only use the invoicing flow for one of them which is a bit of a challenge.

Beta testers wanted: new version of Xero and Quickbooks integration

Hi everyone, 

We've been making some big improvements to the Invoicing integration features with Xero and Quickbooks, making it easier for you to create invoices using Pipedrive products, creating and linking contacts, and giving you the option to pull in aggregated info and invoices created in Xero or Quickbooks. 

Right not we're looking for keen beta testers to try out this new version of the feature and provide us with feedback. Please drop us a line to to be included.

Looking forward to sharing this with you! 

ADD Taxes into the total amount of the deal

If I select a product with tax included in my products, the tax appears to be included, but the partial and total amount always remains the same! In this way, every single value of the deal will be wrong because the taxes are not correctly marked in the total.

In this case the amounts of the products must necessarily be added with taxes included and this could cause problems. It would be useful to be able to enter the products as a list price and, after calculating the taxes on the products, obtain the final price. This would save a... (More)

Basic products sold booking system

Does PD allow you to input products sold data with or without an API? we sell various software solutions for periods of time and we want to record in PD and use this data for forecast reports and invoicing.