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Discussion on Kixie, an enterprise phone service and AI-powered sales dialer.

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Kixie questions?

Luckily we've got several people in the community here to help out.

Tag @Jeff Kuei , @David Gable , @Gary Carlson , @Jason Miani , or @Alex Mann 

Hey All! Huuuge Pipedrive fan here. Just thought I'd introduce you all to Kixie, a company that integrates your phone calls into Pipedrive.

Full disclosure, I work there! Our own sales team uses Pipedrive in-house along with Kixie, of course. This is a quick vid about how Kixie integrates your phone calling experience with your Pipedrive:

Anyone using Kixie? I would live to chat about your zapier integrations with it.

What phone system are using?

Hi everyone! What phone system are using?
I'm looking for PBX with:

- Powerful API
- Nice webphone or chrome extension (to make click to call and open the contact from incoming call)
- Ability to use and switch between IP phone and other sip softphones/webphones.
- Sending and receiving SMS from the same number

Kixie is the closest one, that we tested, but the price is high and missed some features in API.