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Discussion on Kixie, an enterprise phone service and AI-powered sales dialer.

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Workflow for outbound cold calls

Anyone have a good pipedrive workflow for outbound cold calls. We are integrated with kixie... The original setup I made had some major issues.ย 
Namely Kixie uses the phone field to check if the contact is in pipedrive. Each lead has up to 9 potential phone numbers... so, they are in custom phone fields.ย 

So every call kixie creates a new contact not attached to the deal. I am thinking going back and creating a contact for each phone number. And then when we get a good lead, create the deal. Hmmmmm Thanks

Best phone calling integrations

What is the best option for making calls out of Pipedrive

1. Kixie
2. Aircall
3. Other

I currently use the iPhone app and itโ€™s awesome. But I am hiring 1 or 2 people to make Dials and it would be awesome to have it set up correctly and ready to go.


Has anyone figured out a simple version of using Pipedrive like the software Outreach for cadences?

What phone system are using?

Hi everyone! What phone system are using?
I'm looking for PBX with:

- Powerful API
- Nice webphone or chrome extension (to make click to call and open the contact from incoming call)
- Ability to use and switch between IP phone and other sip softphones/webphones.
- Sending and receiving SMS from the same number

Kixie is the closest one, that we tested, but the price is high and missed some features in API.

Pipedrive + Kixie = HOLY SHIT