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Feature Request - Conditional/Nested Fields in Deal Details Section

I would certianly find this feature useful and can explain the concept...

My company make 3 different types of sale - Products, Services, Support - for example.

I have added fields to my Deal Details section to capture information about these sale types.

Currently all fields show and sales people have to know which fields to fill in and which to leave blank for each sale type.

I would only like the fields pertinent to each sale type to show when the sale type is selected. This could either be as a result of a selection in another field or... (More)

Ajouter plusieurs étiquettes pour une offre

Ca serait top d'avoir la possibilité de sélectionner plusieurs étiquettes pour une offre.

I saw labels/tags appear some time ago. I still haven't got my head around how I want to use them. I like the ability to create 'standout' colours. ... access them via zapier and PD automations. .. but we would want them for multiple object types and at present they only exist in a single context which must be shared across multiple object types. contacts/deals etc. .. so created a few tags (labels) in the early days) ... but just couldn't see a good use for them given this constraint.

To be honest, I would rather have the ability to... (More)

Voted for No, I do not think this is necessary.

The only thing I understand the label field to do vs a custom deal details field is apply a color to the deal tile. And I would not want multiple colors displayed on the deal tile. It would lose all its value and be way too confusing. We use the deal label field to identify what divisional/departmental service is related to the deal: Landscape construction, yellow. Landscape maintenance, Green. Snow and Ice removal, Blue. For us it's perfect and having additional labels and colors would bring no value. A person can use a multiple entry custom deal details field to... (More)