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Mutliple LABELS

Is there a way to put multiple lables on a project?  We are currently using labels to track and report on projects based on product manufacturer, but sometimes there are multiple manufacturers on a project.

Thanks in advance! 

Leads through to Deal tracking

Hi folks,

When a lead comes through I label them with the nature of enquiry, however, when it becomes qualified and moves to a deal, these labels are lost which really isn't ideal because I can't track the nature of enquiry through to conversion.

Is there a way of the lead labels carrying through to info on the deal?

I know I can label deals, but to me this is then doing the job twice!


Voted for Yes, Pipedrive should have the option to give a Deal multiple Labels!

Not only for Deals but also very interesting to be applied also to Organizations. 

Filtrera på orgnr och uppdatera label

Hallå alla!

Jag har en pipedrive-databas på ca 5000 st organisationer (samtliga med ett unikt orgnr). 

Jag vill filtrera dessa med en excel-lista innhållande 300 orgnr och där det matchar mot databasen vill jag uppdatera label för just dessa organisationer i pipedrive. I det fall det är möjligt så vill jag se vilka organisationer som uppdaterades i Pipedrive och vilka av de 300 företagen som som inte matchades. 

Någon som vet hur jag kan göra detta enklast?


Tack på förhand,