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segmenting customers

Hi I am evaluating Pipedrive and need to be able to segment customers. For Example, I will send a different type of email to a customer that is technical compared to one that is business orientated. and at times a customer will be both. Is there a way of doing this? My previous CRM let me add multiple tags that I could filter to each contact

Add a "No Good" Label to email and phone number

Since we can't seem to get a custom label for emails and phone numbers, can you add a label that is "Verified" and one that is "No Good" so we can keep non-working numbers. When I delete phone numbers and emails, then ask my admin to find me additional numbers, sometimes I get the bad numbers again, but had deleted them previously because there was no label to mark them bad.

First choice would be to be able to edit the current labels with a custom label, but if that requires too much, just add a couple extra options.]


Nicolas Meier
Sales & Business Development Manager

Multiple Labels


Would like to assign several different labels to a deal. Same with organisations or persons. 

There is plenty of room up there to the right until my foto. 

When do you change that? Or is there a reason against it? 

Workflow Automation to Replace One Label with Another

To help better manage the Leads Inbox, I would like functionality such as the following: 

If a Lead is marked with "Label A" and a user edits this Lead record and adds the label, "Label B", then "Label A" is deleted/removed from the Lead record. Is this possible?

Also, it is unclear what the difference is between the workflow automation lead labels triggers options of  "Lead labels (before update)" vs. "Lead labels". Can this be clarified please?