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Lead generation
Lead generation
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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics, and join channels in the Community.

I have been using a 5500 service called MiEdge.  It is similar to Judy Diamond.  Along with Seamless AI for help confirming c suite members and emails.

51% of sales professionals struggle to find leads: Here’s how you can be more effective at lead generation in 2022

According to our State of Sales Report 2020-2021, 51% of sales professionals are struggling with lead generation. This is despite the fact that many have said prospecting is their second most time-consuming activity.

This is potentially a big concern for sales managers, as wasted time and resources lead to:

  • Inefficiency across the team
  • Missed sales targets
  • Less qualified inbound traffic to your website

Given that efficient lead generation is a vital activity of any successful business, why are so many salespeople failing to convert?

In this article, we’ll explore where (and why) your sales team is struggling with lead generation strategy and processes and how automation can save you valuable time.

Max Whicher
Spin Brands | Voted the UK's #1 Social Agency

Facebook & Instagram Advertising, alongside Google PPC is the most consistent and best value for us. £15 CPA for £1k+ contracts.

Minha lista de ferramentas complementares ao Pipedrive :D, comente a sua tambem!

API4com para Ligações Voip

Snovio para geração de leads, cadencia de e-mail

Cliksign para contratos integrados no Pipedirve

Pipechat para Whatsapp individual para Whatsap, Instagram e Facebook em time, automação de Whatsapp API Oficial

Z-Api para automação de Whatsapp individual 

Active Campaing, RD Station para automação de Marketing + Google Data Studio para Dashboards animais!

Linkedin Helper II para automações de linkedin integradas nas ações do Pipedrive

Integromat para programação low-code, impede leads duplicados, integração elegante com marketing, lead score e as coisas mais incríveis que você consiga imaginar :D