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Lead generation
Lead generation
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New: Leads API scope added by Zapier 🤖 🔛 🅿️

What does this mean, what do I need to do?

If you're one of our 20,000 users who have installed the Zapier app you probably already received a notification about this from Zapier, but no harm in announcing it here too.

To take advantage of this new API scope (building zaps that utilise Pipedrive's Leads), simply re-authenticate (reinstall) the Zapier app so you can utilize the leads scope (leads objects will be added to zap functionalities).

Is there any risk in reinstalling?

No, you won't lose anything.

What if I don't reinstall?

The app will remain the same but without... (More)

Créer des séquences de mail

Bonjour la communauté :) 

Je cherche un moyen de créer des séquences d'email à travers pipedrive.

Aujourd'hui obligé de créer plusieurs activités de rappel puis envoyer les mails 1 à 1. 

Avez vous déjà des automation qui fonctionne? 

D'avance merci :) 

Two-way calendar sync problem

Hi all!

I enabled two-way sync with my Outlook and  suddenly facing the problem, that all internal meetings scheduled with outlook are added to Pipedrive as activities. I find it quite annoying, because deleting an activity in pipedrive e.g. daily kick-off, automatically sends a cancellation via outlook.

Do you have any hints how to overcome this?:/ 

Thanks in advance!!



Where is the lead function located on an iPad?  I cannot find where i can create a lead, i can only create a deal.  Is this function not available for an iPad?  Can you ADD "Lead" where the dropdown is where you can add activities? Also, when i look at my organization view from my PC, i can see the organizations, won deals, lost deal, activities, etc.  It only shows my organizations from my tablet.  I would like to have this information view from my tablet.