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Lead generation
Lead generation
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Cliente Potencial: como definir e atrair os leads ideais 🎣

Se você acha que atrair clientes em potencial é uma tarefa particularmente difícil, saiba que você não está sozinho. A prospecção é intimidante e demorada. Novatos em vendas podem tanto alavancar quanto afundar suas carreiras dependendo de sua capacidade de lidar com negativas, superar objeções de vendas e gerar leads genuínos.

A boa notícia é que a maioria das pessoas aprecia o processo e está disposta a ouvir o que os vendedores têm a dizer. Dito isso, se quiser ser ouvido, você precisa focar em como prospectar os clientes em potencial ideais. Depois de gerar um funil cheio... (More)

Ged Leigh
Marketing Director (Part-time)

I haven't found one but if you have it would be giood to know :)

How to Create an Automated Lead Nurturing Workflow that Converts Visitors 📩 📈

What is lead nurturing and why is it important?
What is lead nurturing and why is it important?

Lead nurturing through email marketing is important because not all leads are ready to buy as soon as they hit your site. Nurturing those new subscribers means assisting them through the sales funnel, and email marketing is the perfect tool for this.

🧠 Find out how to structure a nurturing marketing campaign through email 🧠


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Custom Fields - Based on Stage, Pipeline and whether Lead, Deal

As is the typical sales and prospecting process, certain and most data points are not entered initially, but as the Deal goes through the pipeline.

  • Different pipelines have different Data points.
  • Different stages within each pipeline have different Data points
  • Leads typically won't need / use even half the Custom fields needed for a deal.

The result of having unneeded Fields in the Detail view in stages they're not needed/useful is unfilled custom fields and inconsistent data entry. This is more than annoying, it's resulting in a broken and cluttered workflow.

I went in the Leads view and saw all... (More)