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Lead generation
Lead generation
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Gareth Collyer
Sales and Marketing Director

how can my team enter leads ( not deals ) into the mobile app ? I can't see an option Any ideas ?

Finding hot leads

Question about finding hot leads:

If you have a large number of leads, how do you find the hottest leads to reach out to?

For context, we're exploring this area with Outfunnel and doing some initial research at the moment.

Bill Handy
Leadership, Management and Team Coach

Search Klenty Tags within Pipedrive

I'm syncing Klenty with Pipedrive. Is it possible to search for Klenty tags within Pipedrive? 

Mapping the ‘Non Text Fields’ in Klenty

Is there a way still to map 'non text fields' in Klenty? We are using that to map titles and salutation. It seems the function has recently been disabled.