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Lead generation
Lead generation
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Deal Rotting with Activity Scheduled

Does anyone know if there is a way to stop deal rotting when a deal has an activity scheduled?

I have an action to call in 2 weeks but deal rotting is set up for 3 days

If not is there a option for developers to look at adding a option when setting the deal rotting to say 'Exclude Deals with Activities Set' this would be really helpful so that they do not keep rotting

Thanks so much xx

modification to chatbot

Hello there pipedrivers!

Would it be possible to make a small modification to the chatbot tool? As it currently begins, the chatbot pops up when someone visits my website. It woudl be great if instead of giving a "greeting", it could be modified to immeidately ask a "question" with the three response options.

Can this be added to future releases?

Asking because the way traffic to my site, and many other sites, is viewers need to be prompted with a question first, NOT a greeting. In other words, there needs to be a call to action. And with this call... (More)

Markus Funk
Bereichsleiter Contract Management

Importing Lead Lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly to PD LEADS


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool for prospecting. Unfortunately the interface for LinkMatch , to add LinkedIn contacts as LEAD, is not yet ready. This really is missing. When will the interface for LinkMatch be ready?

Even advanced would be to not have to use a third party tool to "grab" Linked contacts and add them to PD as "LEAD"