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Pipedrive web forms have suddenly stopped redirecting upon submission... Any one else experience this bug/major issue?

We use the leadbooster add on for capturing leads on our website when they want to download content and have started getting reports yesterday that it is no longer redirecting them properly. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?  The submit button just endlessly spins.




Web Forms

You should stop charging clients $39/month for the "LeadBooster Add-on" when they are only utilizing 1 piece of the add-on in a 1-time scenario. 

If I plan to use a single Web Form, one time, and NOTHING ELSE - I have to pay $39/month for the whole add-on???

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Domain search in Prospector

Anyone knows what one should enter in the Domain field? I tried things like net / .net / com / org / biz but even with all the fields left blank I get zero results.