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NathanaëlPipedrive Employee
French Content Production Manager

🏆🇳🇱 Success Story : Comment SurfaWhile a boosté sa stratégie de Lead Generation à l'aide du module LeadBooster de Pipedrive
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Quels que soient la taille et le secteur d’activité de votre entreprise, Pipedrive et ses extensions vous aident à réaliser plus de ventes, à votre façon. Prenez l’agence de voyage SurfaWhile : l’entreprise a beau utiliser Pipedrive depuis belle lurette, ce n’est que récemment qu’elle a découvert Leadbooster, la panoplie 4-en-1 de Pipedrive. Le résultat ? L’agence a enregistré un afflux de nouveaux leads, et, cerise sur le gâteau, ceux-ci se laissent encore plus rapidement convertir.

« En plus d’avoir considérablement réduit notre marge d’erreur, nous sommes parvenus à réduire le temps que nous passions à traiter chaque réservation », raconte Olmo Van Beurden, copropriétaire de SurfaWhile - @Coconut Travel Collective

Regardez la vidéo pour en savoir plus ! 

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51% of sales professionals struggle to find leads: Here’s how you can be more effective at lead generation in 2022

According to our State of Sales Report 2020-2021, 51% of sales professionals are struggling with lead generation. This is despite the fact that many have said prospecting is their second most time-consuming activity.

This is potentially a big concern for sales managers, as wasted time and resources lead to:

  • Inefficiency across the team
  • Missed sales targets
  • Less qualified inbound traffic to your website

Given that efficient lead generation is a vital activity of any successful business, why are so many salespeople failing to convert?

In this article, we’ll explore where (and why) your sales team is struggling with lead generation strategy and processes and how automation can save you valuable time.

In case you missed it... the best of Pipedrive in 2021

Looking to make a strong start in 2022?

We've compiled a list of the best features we released last year to help you do just that.

From closing deals faster with Smart Docs to finding more leads with LeadBooster credits, we think there's something for everyone.

Check out our article and see what you may have missed in 2021.

🏆🇳🇱 Success Story: How Pipedrive’s LeadBooster boosted SurfaWhile’s entire lead strategy
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No matter the size and focus of your business, Pipedrive and its add-ons help drive more sales your way. Take, for example, Surfing travel agency SurfaWhile. The company has been using Pipedrive for a while, yet only recently discovered Pipedrive’s LeadBooster, a 4-in-one toolset. Since starting to use the toolset, leads are not only flowing but are converting much faster, too.


”Besides having a much smaller room for error, we’ve also managed to decrease the time we spend per booking/sale, so we have much more time on our hands,” says Olmo Van Beurden, Co-owner at SurfaWhile - @Coconut Travel Collective. Watch the video above for the whole story.


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