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Limit who sees the chatbot by IP or by Wordpress Role

Hi, I would like to be able to hide the chatbot for users by IP address so internal users visiting the web site don't count as hits, and don't see it and end up opening leads by accident. Also, if I'm logged into wordpress I don't want to see this. With the Divi theme the page editor has the chatbot in it also, not sure about the WP block editor.

Deal Source

I find it quite an oversight that Pipedrive has no default category for lead source. We have manually added this field to deals, but as a manual field it means we are unable to build a report on it for our dashboarding. Massive oversight for a company that is focussing around new facilities like web visitors and randomly starting to charge for previously free forms... what's the point in having a form that creates a certain deal without being able to classify and measure source. 

BCC email address for Leads / convert Deal to Lead

Liking the new Lead functionality, makes sense.

Would be great if all Leads also auto generated smart BCC email address for tracking email correspondence.

Also would be handy to reverse (or convert) a Deal to a Lead in the event the deal goes sour or customer pushes back for a significant amount of time.  Currently I have alot of Deal 'clutter' that I would like to change to Leads.

LeadBooster updates - CHAT BOT

I would like to see more functionality, on an advanced tab.

I would like to see Lead Booster use "keyword" detection to answer questions.

I would like to see Leadbooster have a recommend products for e-commerce or services, so that sales can get closer to the sale.

I would also like to see a Facebook Messenger integration.

I would like to see an auto responder integration.

I would like to see a node based connection system.

I would like to see non linear drag and drop of those nodes.

  • What else?

Your going to integrate microsoft teams function - Great... (More)