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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

From a Pipedrive Pro - LeadBooster for Support Tickets 📝


Our Pipedrive pro @Bruna Fondo shares some tips on how you can easily set up LeadBooster to receive support tickets from your website, and be automatically notified whenever a new request comes through in your pipeline.

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Automatic update of Prospector Person Lead information when that Person has been added to Pipedrive Leads Inbox and/or Deals.

It would be a nice feature to have changes to Person information automatically carried over to Pipedrive objects when relevant updates occur. For example, if there are updates to contact information and also if the Person's job history changes... most importantly if they are no longer working for that same organization.

Ejemplos de integración de Leadbooster (formularios web especialmente) y opiniones


Somos nuevos en Pipedrive. Estamos valorando si usar Leadbooster, especialmente por los formularios web.

¿Alguien puede darme una opinión y ejemplos reales de interjección en su sitio web?


Muchas gracias!

Leadbooster integration examples and opnions, especially Web Forms


We would like to try Leadbooster, especially the web forms.

Can someone give me an opinion and real examples of interjection on your website?