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Chatbot and Spam

We've just started using Chatbot and we are getting a number of spam enquries. Anyone else had this issue. Pipedrive say there is no way around it. Any advice would be great.

Need Help -> Tracking Event Participation

I'm looking for a simple solution (ideally, built-in to Pipedrive) to keep track of who is participating in what events our company hosts and/or attends. Any recommendations? 

Here's one idea/concept we're exploring:

  1. Create a separate "Events Tracking" pipeline for tracking all events, with appropriate stage names that reflect our event management process. (Inviting, Attending, Following Up, etc.)
  2. Create one deal for each event in the "Events Tracking" pipeline.
  3. Associate each contact to that Event Tracking deal, MAYBE by using a few custom activity codes that reflect the participation level of that contact. (Invited, Attended, etc.)

I'm not positive this is the right/best approach, but don't want to do this in a spreadsheet! Thus, any recommendations or ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Bulk conversion of leads to deal / pipeline / group email

Hi just wanted to check I am not missing "something", but bought a bunch of leads via "prospector" - now I want to effectively put them into 1 deal and send them a #targeted EDM as a group....Is that possible? Paying for too many platforms - Pipedrive,, active campaign, plannable, qwillr....too much wanna be duplication in functionality BUT NOT QUITE THE FULLY BAKED PRODUCT.....Have been a big fan of pipedrive from inception and its come a LONG WAY.....this should be an easy task function....hopefully I am just being DUMB?

Salut les pipedrivers , comment faire pour repartir mes leads entre deux sells sur pipe drive ?