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Lead Automation

Can't find anything specific on this if either of you two can help @Mike van der Valk @Inês Batata 

When trying to create an automation, it doesn't give you the option to select a "Lead"

So we can create automation around leads, like we can with deals

Is this being worked on and is there an ETA?

Leads Inbox Automated Workflow

I would like to build an automated workflow which will post leads landing in Pipedrive and a daily summary of leads responded to, to a Slack channel.

There does not appear to be any triggers specifically for leads, only deals. I guess I'm looking for a "Leads created" trigger.

Is there something I am missing or does a work-around exist?



Deal Rotting with Activity Scheduled

Does anyone know if there is a way to stop deal rotting when a deal has an activity scheduled?

I have an action to call in 2 weeks but deal rotting is set up for 3 days

If not is there a option for developers to look at adding a option when setting the deal rotting to say 'Exclude Deals with Activities Set' this would be really helpful so that they do not keep rotting

Thanks so much xx

Nirmal Gyanwali
WordPress Specialist Sydney

Lead source and repeat business

We have two pipelines in our PD - New Business and Repeat Business.

And it's easy to track the Source of new business as a custom field when you get a new lead. But it's hard to find the original source of the leads after it moves to the Repeat Business Pipelines when you have multiple people involved and multiple products are purchased.

For us, the Source is Google Ads, SEO, LinkedIn etc channels where the leads come from.

As there is no conditional logic in the custom fields, we have to feed the data for both pipelines.

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