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[Survey] How do you use Whatsapp in your work with clients?

Hi, people!

My team and I are working on a way to improve the sales team`s efficiency on Whatsapp. Specifically, we're developing the automatic Whatsapp to PipeDrive integration. I'm looking to find out how you use Whatsapp in your work now: for lead gen, sales, account management, long-term customer relations, etc.

Please fill in this survey (takes 5-10 minutes, I checked!):

We're 3 years on the market already, but will be developing a direct/native integration of Whatsapp to a CRM for the first time, so your input is highly appreciated.

Your answers will help me understand your goals and... (More)


Summary for the day

I'm just wondering why I see the Summary of the day in this form. Did I miss a basic setting there? Why are all web visitors already crossed out?

Rob Humenik
Content Marketing Manager/Content Writer/SEO

Different Automations for deals in different localities


We have a Contact Forms 7 form on our WordPress site with CF7 Pipedrive Integration. When a lead submits the form, the integration creates a deal in Pipedrive, and the prospect gets an email. We'd like to have one email go to international leads and a different email going to leads in the United States. Is there a good way to set up and automate that?

I'm open to using other WordPress plug-ins, forms, etc. I am also open to creating a lead first for leads coming in from our site (instead of going right to a deal).

Thanks!... (More)

Evaldas Taroza
The founder of

Architecture: lead source field should be on a lead or on contact?

I have a client who started using Pipedrive before Leads Inbox became available. We used the "lead source" field on the contact, as it was logical that every contact is actually a more or less cold lead, and then they'd call the contact and potentially create a new deal.

I saw in some projects that "lead source" was used on a Lead object (so ultimately on the deal). I can't fully decide which one is better. From one side it's about reporting, from another it's about filtering, from the third it's about convenience, etc.

Anybody has thought it through?