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Leads Inbox
Leads Inbox
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Gareth Collyer
Sales and Marketing Director

how can my team enter leads ( not deals ) into the mobile app ? I can't see an option Any ideas ?


Hi I'm new to using Pipedrive and was hoping someone could give me some guidance on how I put my leads into categories. I'm currently transferring spreadsheets from excel but would like to be able to put each spreadsheet into separate lead categories. 

any help would be appreciated. 

Lead Inbox New Lead Notification

Is there a way to set up email notifications when a new lead appears in the inbox? this way if we dont have the inbox open we still know there is a lead to contact. 

Scheduling Emails For Leads

Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but it appears that the send email functionality for leads is different for a normal deal/contact. Is it possible to time schedule an email in leads? I can only see an option to send - not send later. 

I'm starting to regret migrating to the lead inbox if the functionality is not comparable.