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Leads Inbox
Leads Inbox
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❗🎥 In Case You Missed It - Here's April's Update!

In case you missed it - Pipedrive has made a load of improvements to Leads. Not only can you send emails directly from the Leads Inbox, but you can control visibility of your leads for you or your teams, attach multiple notes, and import custom fields

🔎   Want more details? Read all about it in our blog article:

More customizable lead inbox

It would be great to see a more customizable lead inbox view, as in add more fields and adjust the layout etc. etc. I reckon it should be similar to the deals view. 

Who agrees with me on this?

Fabrizio Nicolosi
Italian Pipedrive Elite Partner

Leads Inbox Features

Hi to all, 
i've some questions/suggestions about "leads inbox":

  • is it possible to export leads?
  • is it possible to manage columns (move, add, hides, etc)?
  • is it possible to add more than one note?

Thanks in advance.

New: Visibility groups for Leads in all plans 👁️ 👁️ (gradual roll-out until end of March)


To provide more data security for leads, users can now define who can see each lead by using visibility groups.

For whom?

All users in all plans who have Leads Inbox.

How does it work? What can I do?

Default visibility settings for Leads will be:

  • Essential + Advanced: Entire Company
  • Professional + Enterprise: Owner’s visibility groups

Users are able to change visibility settings for leads by default, individually and in bulk from:

  • Company Settings
  • Leads Inbox
  • Chatbot
  • Web Forms

Where can I learn more? Visibility Groups for Leads (BETA)

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