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Leads Inbox
Leads Inbox
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Asking for Advice: Bulk convert contacts to leads

Sorry if this is a duplicate but I couldn't find the response I needed so I am posting a new one.

I have a bunch of contacts I want to bulk convert to leads however I can't find that function.  I tried importing into the leads inbox but the records were just merged with existing contacts and no new lead was created.  I can manually 'add lead' when I click into the contact however that is too time consuming as I have over 1000 I want to convert.  Any suggests?

Is it possible to convert a batch of leads to deals

Dear all,


I have imported a large list of leads. I now would like to convert these leads to to deals. Obviously I can do this one by one but I am looking for a smart way in which I can select all my leads and then convert them into deals...


Any suggestions on how I can do this?




Bulk conversion of leads to deal / pipeline / group email

Hi just wanted to check I am not missing "something", but bought a bunch of leads via "prospector" - now I want to effectively put them into 1 deal and send them a #targeted EDM as a group....Is that possible? Paying for too many platforms - Pipedrive,, active campaign, plannable, qwillr....too much wanna be duplication in functionality BUT NOT QUITE THE FULLY BAKED PRODUCT.....Have been a big fan of pipedrive from inception and its come a LONG WAY.....this should be an easy task function....hopefully I am just being DUMB?

Salut les pipedrivers , comment faire pour repartir mes leads entre deux sells sur pipe drive ?