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New: Goals in Insights! (gradual rollout) 🎯


For the users who already enjoyed the Goals feature in the previous incarnation of Pipedrive's Reports, this needs no explanation -- and you certainly voiced how much you missed them during this transition period, for which we appreciate your patience. 🙏

For the users who already joined us in the Insights era: Goals are an essential element of growth. They give you a clear vision, set a sharp focus, and help to drive time and resources on what matters most, so you get closer to achieving what you need. They're also an important factor of being driven and motivated... (More)

Survey: Share your 2020 sales experiences and 2021 expectations until December 11th 🚀

We want to hear from you: share your experiences in the sales industry in 2020 and your expectations for 2021 by taking our 15-minute State Of Sales Survey!

Thank you for participating, we're eager to hear from you! 

How to show or hide Pipedrive data fields per pipeline

I often get asked if you can show/hide fields on certain pipelines or at certain stages. While you technically can't disable a field from showing on a particular pipeline, there is a workaround we can use. 

Set all your data fields to NOT display in the details view. Then go through each field and customise the pipeline/stage you want to show certain fields using the important settings. This will hide all your fields by default but they will appear in the 'Important' section based on the pipeline and deal stage.

Here's a video with more details:


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