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Thursday Topics: Remote Work 🏠

Hello Community!

Today we inaugurate a new section called "Thursday Topics", where we bring into light some topics we cover here that you may not be aware of. They might be just what you needed and was right under your nose.

And what more current topic to start with than Remote Work - if you weren't doing it before you probably are now, so follow this topic to share and look for tips or just vent your pains. You can and should also tag it in related posts you make, of course!

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2way sync Pipedrive Mailchimp GDPR challenge

We get leads from different channels. Some come from people who register on a form (no problem here). But we also target our leads ourselves, and after we have had a meeting with a potential customer we would like to keep them warm by adding them in mailchimp. But we can not add someone to mailchimp without acceptance from the person.

What I would like to do is setup an automation. When a person is added to Pipedrive a standard email is being sent to this person asking them to accept receiving newsletters. I dont want them to fill out... (More)

⏰ Event: Feature Canvas for Your Next Product or Service Idea | Jan 26th, 2021

Explore the framework to start working on a feature or idea, keeping in mind users, problems, and context.

 📌 Who is it for? Product leaders, researchers, UX/UI designers, marketers, CX leaders, and everyone interested in building human-centric products and companies. Register for free here.


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