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Discussion on Lemlist, an email outreach platform that allows you to automatically generate personalized images and videos.

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Create a Lead (not a deal) from lemlist


I would like to create a Lead on Pipedrive when a lead from lemlist clicks on a link and make a call activity, I have zapier but couldn't find anything like this. 

Can you help me? 

Sending custom field from Pipedrive to Lemlist

Hello, fellow Piledrivers and Lemlisters! 

I have a custom field on every Organization in Pipedrive called "Industry". Is there any way to send this value over to Lemlist so I can use it as a custom variable in my email sequences?

Créer des séquences de mail

Bonjour la communauté :) 

Je cherche un moyen de créer des séquences d'email à travers pipedrive.

Aujourd'hui obligé de créer plusieurs activités de rappel puis envoyer les mails 1 à 1. 

Avez vous déjà des automation qui fonctionne? 

D'avance merci :) 

Looking for inbound/outbound pipeline workflows & best practices.

Hi all,

Hope this will resonate with some of you and get a discussion going.

I'm very much interested about recommendations and tips regarding the best/most efficient way to handle inbound and outbound leads and deals on Pipedrive.

More specifically, how to accurately track inbound vs outbound performance all along the funnel.

How early - or late - do you input your outbound prospects on Pipe? As soon as there's a demo booked?
If so, how do you (easily) input the data from earlier in the funnel into Pipedrive?

Hopefully, you see where I'm going with this; i'm looking for... (More)