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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics, and join channels in the Community.

How to send LinkedIn connection requests from Pipedrive using Dux-Soup. It's really simple to do and saves you heaps of time. #linkedinautomation #leadgeneration

LinkedIn feed into the PipeDrive Leads Inbox

Hi all,

We are using LinkedIn integration. The problem is that now all  visitors to our web site will be automatically turned to new deal (unless existing organization). Unfortunately most of these deals are junk.  We have tried to adjust filters at LinkedIn side, but we cannot put them too tight. The best solution would be if new leads from LinkedIn would arrive to Leads Inbox. We could do screening there and convert only interesting ones to to deals.

We can of course do disable the automatic feed from LinkedIn and do screening at the LinkedIn side. I would still prefer to to do screening at PipeDrive. List of all web visitor swould stay in Leads Inbox. Se we could revisit them if needed.


Minha lista de ferramentas complementares ao Pipedrive :D, comente a sua tambem!

API4com para Ligações Voip

Snovio para geração de leads, cadencia de e-mail

Cliksign para contratos integrados no Pipedirve

Pipechat para Whatsapp individual para Whatsap, Instagram e Facebook em time, automação de Whatsapp API Oficial

Z-Api para automação de Whatsapp individual 

Active Campaing, RD Station para automação de Marketing + Google Data Studio para Dashboards animais!

Linkedin Helper II para automações de linkedin integradas nas ações do Pipedrive

Integromat para programação low-code, impede leads duplicados, integração elegante com marketing, lead score e as coisas mais incríveis que você consiga imaginar :D

Renat Gabitov
Delegating boring work to the machines

A new way to automate manual tasks and workflows with Pipedrive. Finally landed in the Marketplace 🥳!

Hi Pipedrivers!

Last week, we finally got our integration approved in the Pipedrive Marketplace!

Our goal is to help you automate your micro-processes and manual tasks that you do every day. And those things do add up over time! 

In fact, just logging CRM contacts takes 4h / week on average. Pretty insane to think about. I am sure Pipedrivers are doing much better on that front though. 

Since there isn't a closer I know who doesn't use LinkedIn, I wanted to share my favorite playbooks:

And there is so much more you can do... 

If you have a manual process you want to automate, just drop it in the comments and I'll see what I can do. I love creating custom automations for folks. 

Cheers and super pumped to be a part of the Pipedrive community.