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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics, and join channels in the Community.

Send LinkedIn Messages From Pipedrive

Hi. We are currently using Leadjet for LI integration. We have no issues with contact syncing. We are looking for an easy way to send contacts linkedin messages directly from within Pipedrive - rather than having to switch out to LI. I have heard Duxsoup may do this. Does anyone have any recommendations on PD to LI messaging integration (not LI to PD). 

Daniel Disney
LinkedIn & Social Selling Author, Speaker + Trainer

25 Social Selling Tips & Tricks

Hello Pipedrive Community! I'm looking forward to becoming a part of this awesome group and to kick it off I wanted to share 25 of my top LinkedIn & Social Selling tips and tricks which you can read right here -

If you have any LinkedIn questions please feel free to ask :) 

Alex Giess
Marketing, Insights & Analytics

Simplest way to regularly sync followers of our company's Linkedin Page with Pipedrive?

Is there a way to (mass) find and import LinkedIn Profiles for existing Pipedrive Contacts?

Is there a way to scrape and import LinkedIn profiles of my existing Pipedrive Contacts? I have all the other contact data but want to run multi-channel campaigns using Lemlist, so need the LinkedIn profile URLs. I know you can extract data that includes the LI profiles from a LI Navigator search using Dux-Soup, Lemlist, etc but haven't found a solution to get info going the other direction (LI Navigator filters aren't useful for the targeting I need, otherwise it would be easy!). Thanks for any insights.