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Web Forms on LinkedIn

My understanding is that the Pipedrive Web Forms won't embed on LinkedIn due to LinkedIn restrictions.  I've been told that a link to the Web Form CAN be included as part of a LinkedIn post.  Does anyone have experience with this and what kind of results have been achieved?  Have people gone the extra click and filled out the form?

Omar Melero
Consultor de procesos CRM

🔥🔥🔥 DUX-SOUP: Acelera tu crecimiento en Linked In

💛 Me animé a grabar un tutorial corto (5 min.) de una herramienta que ayuda a conocer a más personas en Linked In en el menor tiempo posible (siempre buscando generar valor a la red)

3 recomendaciones para usar esta herramienta en Linked In:

① Cuida la frecuencia y tipo de redacción que uses en tus mensajes

② Busca ofrecer tu conocimiento y experiencia

③ Tu propósito es ayudar y colaborar con tu red

Pienso hacer más presentaciones usando las integraciones con Pipedrive para tu aceleración comercial (si esta te sirve, claro 😅...)

Herramientas digitales usadas en el video:... (More)

Want to know more about integrating LinkedIn lead gen and Pipedrive?

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Have you been underestimating Linkedin for selling?

I will tell you 3 different ways to use Linkedin to sell better -

1 Get high-quality leads

Linkedin attracts 675 million professional people from all over the world. So, if you want to collect verified lead data for B2B business’s look no further than this platform! The easiest way to collect leads is by using Linkedin Sales Navigator, here is how it works.

Let's imagine you run a company providing security to corporate leaders in London. By using LSN, you can find all the people that match your criteria - living in london, designation CEO, CTO, CMO, company size... (More)