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Markus Funk
Bereichsleiter Contract Management

Importing Lead Lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly to PD LEADS


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool for prospecting. Unfortunately the interface for LinkMatch , to add LinkedIn contacts as LEAD, is not yet ready. This really is missing. When will the interface for LinkMatch be ready?

Even advanced would be to not have to use a third party tool to "grab" Linked contacts and add them to PD as "LEAD" 

Markus Funk
Bereichsleiter Contract Management

Schnittstelle zu LinkedIn Sales Navigator / (LinkMatch)

Hallo zusammen, 

das Tool LinkMatch bietet die Möglichkeit, dass man Kontakte aus LinkedIn nach PD exportieren kann. Leider hat PD immer noch keine Schnittstelle zum direkten Import von LinkedIn Kontakte in das neue Feature LEAD

Gerade wenn man mit LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead listen arbeitet wäre sehr wünschenswert, hier die Listen direkt als LEAD nach PD importieren zu können. Am besten wäre es noch, wenn ich hierzu nicht über das Tool eines Drittanbieters gehen müsste LinkMatch). Aber zur Not gerne auch weiterhin mit LinkMatch ;-)

Anyone using LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Anyway of pulling leads from Sales Navigator to Pipedrive? Right now I am manually entering leads from Sales Navigator to Pipedrive.

Tracking company history of Pipe Drive contacts

Is there a plug-in I can add wherein I can run reports or get alerts on all of the contacts I have in PD that sometime in the past worked at a company (the sort of work history found on Linked In)  where I have other contacts in Pipe Drive that currently work at that company? It would also be nice to filter when these matches occurred with contacts that are current or former clients of ours. Thanks!