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Rob Stamper
Curriculum Consultant North/North East

Deals List - Export Data

I am not seeing a way to add a column for "Parent Organization" to my deals list. Does anyone know if this is possible? It would be extremely valuable to my business if we could export a deals list with the option of seeing parent organizations information. I don't think this would be that difficult of an option to add to the organization tab of the column options for Deals List. 

Planned: Leads in Activities List and Contextual Views 🗒


Save time and access Leads linked to your activities without having to navigate away from the Activities tab.


What will I be able to do with it?

Add or view Leads directly from your Activities List View, or your activity Contextual View. Just like you can do for Deals.


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Delete thousands of contacts


I would like to delete around 4.000 contacts from PD. The list view is not an option as this would require selecting these 4.000 contacts manually. Is there an upload that deletes contacts based on the email address or something like this?

Kind regards



Lead Edit

Why is it not possible to edit leads in bulk? Or: Why is it possible to edit Deals in bulk? ...if you prefer it that way!