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Is there a way to create a deal list without filters?

I created a deal list using the filter option but there are certain deals that I don't need on this list. Is there a way for me to create a deal list manually? 

Yannis DoukasElite Solution Provider
Key Account Manager,

Nordic alpabets does not sort correctly.

When using the letter Ä, it will be sorted as A (in the alphabetical order) while it should be at the end, same goes with O and Ö, also the upper and lower cases affect the sorting also.


David ZisnerCommunity Driver
CEO at LeAndolini Solutions Ltd.

Basic feature request >> Showing attached products in deal filters (list view)


We are fanatic about attaching products to deals and working with the products module.

We also teach our clients to always attach products to their deals and build all our automation around products.

However, the deal filters do not display the products attached to the deals. So if a client wants to sort all open deals by attached product, or see all open deals by salesperson with the product attached >> they need to build a different filter per product, one by one.

This is not a viable solution for clients that want to do something very simple - see which products their salespeople are selling. Basic daily sales operations.

This is becoming a true handicap and the solution, in my opinion, is simple - add a products column to the deals list view.

It will display all products attached - one or more, just as a multi option field is displayed in the list view.

This is so basic that I don't understand why it isn't yet available.

If you feel the need for this, please uptove  🙏🙏

Jasper McEwan
Sales & Marketing Manager

Would anyone else see the benefit of having 'leads' visible on the contact or organisation view?

If a lead is set up it seems that it is only visible in the Leads inbox currently, which is fine but would anyone else find it useful to know when you are on contact if they have any leads open in the past or they have one open currently?

Similar to the way deals are shown.

To me, the leads feature would be really useful but there is no clear disconnect to a contact/organisation and ?

What are others' thoughts on this?