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Bulk-edit fields in list view

At the moment, not all fields can be bulk-edited from the list view of deals.  For example, I could not bulk edit probability for deals in my list view however I could bulk-edit amount. I would think that ALL fields should be able to be bulk edited?

Add function for mass editing

when mass editing, there is missing the option of keeping extisting values and add additional ones.
you can exchange or delete, but you cant add - which seems unlogical.

Insight Reports - Export Option?

First off it's great that we can export reports from insights into excel/csv, but it's clunky. You have to click into each item on a graph to be able to get info and export it from there.

There's a table right below the graphs that literally has ALL OF THIS INFO already organized but that can't be exported for some reason. It would have saved me a few hours being able to download and use this data instead of clicking into each bar graph, exporting, and then migrating all data into a central excel file

Need a solution for selecting and filtering contacts/organizations within a certain distance of a location, or within the confines you define on a map...

there's no way to see contacts or org's within a specified distance of a location.

When on a Contact/Organisation you can open the map, by pressing over the address, and check nearby hits Iwithin a specified distance.

But it's not possible to do this with a filter

let me try this

the only thing is how can i see a list of th ehits on the map and send them an email

you can't other than one by one. You also cant filter the results in any way, unless I'm missing something

It allows you to check other hits and... (More)