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Chat bot & Live Chat tips needed!

We have recently introduced the Chat Bot > Live Chat feature onto our platform as a way to boost lead generation and to gather CSAT feedback.

However, we are keen to 'see it in action' or have some examples before we settle on the flow we use, message types, waiting times etc. 

Is there anyone here that would be willing to share that you use the Chat Bot / Live Chat feature so that I can visit your website/platform for research? Happy to post a review or recommendation to compensate.

Thanks so much!

Live Chat Issues

Firstly, thanks for all the great work put into new features, we appreciate it all! About ten days ago, we migrated from using Crisp's web chat feature on our marketing website to Pipedrive's chatbot.

We have run into a few issues using your chatbot, and we were wondering if there is a roadmap available for future improvements that may resolve some of these problems we're experiencing? Specifically:

  • Lack of sound or visual notification for incoming chat or for when visitors reply (submit text)
  • Inability to view conversations of other colleagues
  • No "block" feature
  • Can't see other colleagues who may be... (More)

Feedback regarding your chat viewer....

It's large and easy to read though the popups are sometimes invasive and interfere with activities taking place making it difficult to multitask while we are conversing. For example, I'm trying to make calls while seeking help with something and the chat window removes my caller box if I'm mid-action or prohibits me from hanging up a call if the chat window is open because of the overlap. if you have a way for me to minimize this, I'd appreciate the direction. Thank you!

LiveChat Transcript transfer

Hello , would be great if one day the transcript automatically moves over to notes when converting to lead or convert to deal