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Live Chat

First attempt at configuring a chatbot and live chat playbook. So, I'm trying to understand how users are notified that someone at our website is attempting to chat with us and also which pipedrive users on our end will be notified. Is it possible to just restrict it to interact with one or two of our pipedrive users?

Livechat falls short.

Using pipedrive live chat for almost a year. A this point we are probably going to move back to our previous chat system or other online chat system out there.

The biggest issue is that no one gets the notifications. Even me as the admin if i honestly didn't have an iWatch, or wearing it even i missed the people trying to connect.

No ability to close the chat for after hours. Like come on why the heck can someone try to connect to a chat at 2am. That just makes no sense and there is not way to schedule... (More)

Chat bot & Live Chat tips needed!

We have recently introduced the Chat Bot > Live Chat feature onto our platform as a way to boost lead generation and to gather CSAT feedback.

However, we are keen to 'see it in action' or have some examples before we settle on the flow we use, message types, waiting times etc. 

Is there anyone here that would be willing to share that you use the Chat Bot / Live Chat feature so that I can visit your website/platform for research? Happy to post a review or recommendation to compensate.

Thanks so much!