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LiveChat Transcript transfer

Hello , would be great if one day the transcript automatically moves over to notes when converting to lead or convert to deal 

how can I keep the MS-Word draft format in pipedrive for my Email draft. It is always changed if I use ctrl + v . Also the Paragraph indentation is 2 lines. How can I reduce that?

Need to be able to increase the time between the chat opening until a chat closes, as generally none of our sales team ... then it closes and we cant do anything.

Simon Schoop
Managing Director, enabling digital change and innovation

Integration of LiveChat with MS Teams

In order to optimize customer service an integration of LiveChat with MS Teams would be very helpful.

Status Quo (Use Case): A visitor starts chatting on our landing page, using the LiveChat. A notification is automatically generated in Pipedrive. Our employees are only able to see that request, when they are logged in to Pipedrive and paying attention to notfications there.

Solution: In order not to lose any potential customers it would be very helpful if a notification would automatically be sent to MS Teams, showing that a customer started chatting on the landing page. Pipedrive could be integrated with... (More)