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Live Chat + Person Profile


It'd be great if you could provide option to transfer Live Chat data to Person Profile to have all the conversations in one profile.

Marcus Gates
SVP, Americas Sales & Marketing

LiveChat Permission

I would like to see the ability to designate users to handle chat, and prevent others from picking up chat requests without their profile being authorized somehow.  Is that something that would be useful to anyone else?

Webinar replay: LeadBooster Soft Launch!


Watch last week's webinar diving deeper into our new lead generation tool set LeadBooster.

Lead Suite can be added to any Pipedrive CRM plan to help you get more high-quality inbound and outbound leads. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn about what’s included in LeadBooster:

  • Chatbot, to instantly and automatically engage your website visitors 24/7
  • Live Chat, to conveniently connect your website visitors with your sales reps
  • Prospector, to find your next new lead from a global database of 400 million profiles
  • Web Forms, to give your inbound leads an easy and reliable way to reach you

Hi there! I'm using LiveChat since yesterday. I have two questions regarding meetings.

1. How can I change the default of 60 minutes for a scheduled meeting to 30 minutes? 

2. How can I change the time zone from CET to something else (or does it change to the time zone of the chat user)? 

My own calendar is in CET time, but my website visitors are mostly based in the UK.