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Thank you for your feedback @Jess Latham5 !

As far as I'm aware this is not in our immediate plans, but the team noted down your suggestion for when they'll work on updates again.

I suggest you explore some of the analytics integrations we offer in our marketplace, as they allow to draw data from Pipedrive and create custom reports. I did a quick search for you, see here5.

LeadBooster proposal

Hi guys,

LeadBooster such a great function, i really love it!

But a very important thing that LeadBooster benefits from is the ability to receive instant alerts when a user requests LiveChat.

I found an event in the API "conversationEnded".

This is good, but there is a need for a missing event "conversationRequested".

This will make it possible to send notifications to Slack (for example), using Zappier and the webhook triggered by the "conversationRequested" event.


What do you think?

Damien Halloran
Chief Commercial Officer

Leadbooster Bot/Live Chat notifications

Love this feature, however it appears troublesome for desktop users since you don't get notified of live chats waiting unless you have browser notifications turned on.  When do you do turn them on, you get EVERY Pipedrive notification coming through, driving you crazy! A better suggestion would be a pulsing icon showing the number of live chats waiting over the Leads Icon. 

[BETA] Want to sync all of your interactions with customers into Pipedrive?

Hey Pipedrivers, do you want to sync all of your communication with customers to Pipedrive?

Do you want to see how and when your team are interacting with prospects in Pipedrive?

Do you want to auto populate your Pipedrive Contact Timelines with communication info?

If you currently use: Intercom, Drift, Front or LiveChat we'd love to give you free access to beta test our product.