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Ryan Gerardi
Systems Administrator

E-Commerce Software for Pipedrive and (WordPress and/or Mailchimp)

Hello. This is my first question in the community. I have not done much research yet, so maybe some of you can offer up some input.

I would like to begin offering up digital services as purchasable items in an online store. I need to decide the role that Pipedrive will play, and which e-commerce solution to go with.

I use WordPress, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and Pipedrive. Integration with Quickbooks is not a requirement, but Mailchimp does offer up some showcasing and automation capabilities that are pretty slick, so I like the idea of utilizing Mailchimp, as well.

It might be... (More)

Hi @Pablo 

Unfortunately the Mailchimp export only exports contact type fields. So you would either as @Laura Alvarado suggested first export your whole list to CSV or create a tag field under the person instead of the company.

2way sync Pipedrive Mailchimp GDPR challenge

We get leads from different channels. Some come from people who register on a form (no problem here). But we also target our leads ourselves, and after we have had a meeting with a potential customer we would like to keep them warm by adding them in mailchimp. But we can not add someone to mailchimp without acceptance from the person.

What I would like to do is setup an automation. When a person is added to Pipedrive a standard email is being sent to this person asking them to accept receiving newsletters. I dont want them to fill out... (More)

Mailchimp Integration, Tags

Mailchimp has been pushing more and more the use of Tags and Segments instead of multiple audiences. It is not possible to select a Tag or a Segment during an export from Mailchimp. When do you plan to update the Pipedrive integration?