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Email automation tools on top of my Pipedrive Deals

#integrations #emailautomation #askingforadvice

I am searching for an email automation tool that I can directly or indirectly (through e.g. Zapier) integrate with Pipedrive.

Goal is to be able to:

  • set automatic email campaigns with custom triggers
  • use my deals / contacts from Pipedrive to send these email campaign
  • sync these emails back to the deals in Pipedrive

Anyone has experiences with this?

I was recommended Mailchimp but saw that it is not (any more?) part of the marketplace.

I was also recommended Mailigen but their pricing is too high atm.

Thanks in advance for any support!




Export Mailchimp Sent Campaign to Pipedrive

Is there a way to take the data from a sent mailchimp campaign and import it to Pipedrive so that it updates the relevant emails with activity hits? We're realizing that Pipedrive isn't capturing our e-blasts we send out for those that are more of  "tech touch" vs direct reach out. Talking hundreds of emails. 

I've seen a few options for two-way sync but that's ANOTHER product and ANOTHER fee. Open to suggestions!

Thank you

Mailchimp to Pipedrive failling to add the organization


I created a zap in order to automaticaly creat a new contact in Pipedrive whenever a new person is added to a specific MailChimp audience.

The zap is working as intended except for the organization part… All the other informations are in the Pipedrive contact but the organization.

I also have a zap between gsheet and mailchimp with the same exact same informations and fields and here the organization is succesfully displayed

The question here is why with the same merge field from Mailchimp, the organization fields works with Gsheet but not with PipeDrive.

If one of you already... (More)

Pipedrive Roundtable: Mass Emailing, Newsletter-Tools, etc.

Join our Roundtable on Friday, May the 14th at 08:30 - 09:30 PST / 17:30 - 18:30 CET!

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This weeks topic: Mass Emailing of Leads/Prospects, Tools for regular Newsletters for Sales/Marketing

  • What works well with Pipedrive?
  • What offers good analytics?
  • What is the easiest to use for beginners?
  • What usecases benefit from Mass Emailing?
  • That and more in this Roundtable!

Join our Roundtable every 2nd Friday, where we share tips, insights and help each other with our different use cases!

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