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Does outfunnel sync with pipedrive without MailChimp?

Hi I'm not a mailchimp fan. Can we use outfunnell on its own with pipedrive? Do we get the same level of integration? emails recorded and updated?

We only send small amout of email messages 100-200 a week, but want to make sure it integrates with pipedrive before testing it out on workflows.

New posibility with Zapier integration

When my sales team identify a B2B customer employee have changed job, they delete them in Pipedrive. I would like to be able to make a zap in Zapier where people deleted in Pipedrive are unsubscribed our email lists in Mailchimp.

I assume I'm not the only one within the B2B market, which could use this feature?

Are email updates in Pipedrive automatically updated in Mailchimp if connected in Settings?

Question re Settings/Integrations/Mailchimp

I connected my Pipedrive to Mailchimp (free) for newsletters and other notifications. I assumed, maybe incorrectly, that as I added names and emails to my Pipedrive that it would update Mailchimp and that unsubscribes were managed on the Mailchimp side.

In my latest campaign I've noticed that the emails are not being updated. One of my contacts left their employer and I changed their email to another company. The email I sent out went to the old email address.

I'd like to use Pipedrive as the master location for the contact info. Is this possible while automatically... (More)

Contacts from MailChimp to Pipedrive

Hi! I'm new here and I'm just getting Pipedrive set up. I wondered if I can import my contacts from MailChimp into PD?