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Mass emailing question

Hi - we are thinking of moving to Pipedrive and currently use MailChimp.  We send around 15k emails each month to our existing database.  Is there a way we can use Pipedrive to send this many emails out and report just like we currently do in Mailchimp - rather than connecting the two?  Does Pipedrive allow this amount via group emailing or similar?  Thank you in advance.

Hey Eric!

If you are still looking for an option without having to pay for Outfunnel's pricing, we created an integration that does just this, Sync with Sales by Target Robot.11

Sync with Sales allows you to:

View all marketing activity from Mailchimp inside Pipedrive.

Provide all the relevant marketing insights and background on a specific contact. Help your sales team learn what works and sell more.

  • Target your most engaged users⁠–⁠faster.
  • Search and filter by campaign results.
  • Turn your cold leads into warm leads.
  • Stay in sync with Marketing.

Similarly, our app allows you to view the complete sales... (More)

Does outfunnel sync with pipedrive without MailChimp?

Hi I'm not a mailchimp fan. Can we use outfunnell on its own with pipedrive? Do we get the same level of integration? emails recorded and updated?

We only send small amout of email messages 100-200 a week, but want to make sure it integrates with pipedrive before testing it out on workflows.

New posibility with Zapier integration

When my sales team identify a B2B customer employee have changed job, they delete them in Pipedrive. I would like to be able to make a zap in Zapier where people deleted in Pipedrive are unsubscribed our email lists in Mailchimp.

I assume I'm not the only one within the B2B market, which could use this feature?