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Chris Clegg
President | Research Director

Stopping Automated Sequence When a Prospect Responds

We're taking a serious look at Mailigen to automate our lead nurturing and prospecting work. One thing I'm hung up on is ending a auto-sequence if someone responds.

For example, let's say I have three email automation planned for lost customers (i.e., those whom we havne't worked with in 2 years or more). I want one of the CTAs to be "reply if you have any questions or would like to connect." Is it possible for me to automatically end the future emails in that sequence if someone replies?

Klenty is an email tool that provides this feature. Not sure... (More)

When is the Pipedrive Email Marketing Tool Launching please? We are considering a move from our current platform and this new tool might solve our problems.

Email tracking for email campaigns?

Hi, I'm new here and wanted to know if there's the option of email campaigns/tracking with Pipedrive?

Mailigen and Changing Who the Sender Is

Question about Mailigen! 

With Mailigen and Pipedrive synced, would I be able to send emails from an email of my choice/ different users? For instance, Mailchimp has an option to select who the email is going out to. I usually set up the email automation as Austin, but make it say it's coming from John or who ever the automated email should come from. I believe in Mailchimp its just a text field that I could fill in any email I wanted to if it was verified.