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Mailigen is a powerful email marketing and automation solution that allows you to create email sequences, drip campaigns, email marketing, SMS campaigns, among others. 

With a native integration that syncs your contacts from Pipedrive, this is a powerful set of tools that bring Sales and Marketing teams together. 

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Email blacklists: How to stay clear of them ⛔ 📩

Email blacklists are in place to protect customers from receiving unwanted emails or spam. That said, they also have the unintended effect of occasionally preventing marketing campaigns from reaching their audience.

Ending up on an email blacklist means that your content has been deemed untrustworthy, resulting in wasted time, lost sales and decreased ROI. 15% of emails never make it to an inbox and end up in a spam folder, ultimately decreasing your deliverability rate and potentially negatively impacting your customer relationships.

Luckily, there are several strategies you can take to avoid ending up in this preventable situation.

First,... (More)

Mailigen - survey questions

Hi there! I'm on the 30day trial, looking forward to use actively email marketing in our company.

For the firs list I created via Pipedrie, I made a survey for our customers to know the NPS (net promoter score)

Unfortunatelly, I found very few formats of questions to include, and there wasn't an option "opinion scale" like this one.

Also, it would be great to have the Spanish language included.

Enviando emails com templates de html

Olá, alguem conhece uma solução de envio de emails para enviar emails "mais bonitos"? Os templates do pipedrive não tem algumas funcionalidades como colocar um video ou usar html e fazer emails mais personalizados.

Estou buscando uma solução para enviar um email quando mover de um estagio para outro usando alguma integração com outra solução de email.  

Alguma sugestão?

What software do you recommend for automating follow-up emails through PipeDrive?

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for recommendations for software that will allow my sales team to send automated follow-up emails to those new prospects we put into PipeDrive. I've also heard of software that allows for automated LinkedIn messages. Can this be done through Pipedrive? I appreciate any advice!

Thank you,