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Mailigen is a powerful email marketing and automation solution that allows you to create email sequences, drip campaigns, email marketing, SMS campaigns, among others. 

With a native integration that syncs your contacts from Pipedrive, this is a powerful set of tools that bring Sales and Marketing teams together. 

Questions? @Janis Rozenblats can help you.

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Ciao ragazzi,, mi sono iscritto alla prova di Mailgen ma non mi arriva nulla, sapete come posso attivare il prodotto ?

Importing existing campaign templates from Mailigen Account

@Janis Rozenblats  Is it somehow possible to import my existing campaign template from Mailigen to PD campaigns? 

Update custom field in Pipe when user unsubscribes in Mailigen

Hi, I want to update the contact information in pipedrive whenever someone unsubscribes in my mailings from Mailigen.

We have a field which tracks information about the subscription status.

It would be nice to know if the contact has unsubscribed from mailings without searching in Mailigen.

🗣️ 💬 Campaigns: Q&A | volume 3

Q: The new Campaign module is a great start. Does the module include the capability of creating a sequence of emails, triggered by an event in PD? If we don't have sequences, for now at least it seems to be a fancy way to do Group Messages. Is that the case?

A: We expect to add drip sequences or to be more precise upgraded workflow automation with wait/delay actions and marketing emails at the end of Q3. Group mail and Campaigns serve different purposes: Campaigns has a drag and drop email editor and engagement reports, also group mail is limited to 100 contacts, available only in Pro plan, while Campaigns don't have such limitations. And finally, Campaigns provides an infrastructure that can support mass emails, while group mail uses your email outbox, and often such large sendouts will cause email delivery issues.

Q: Is Campaigns add-on meant only marketing campaigns and automation or will it include making sales email cadences functionality, cold email sequences?

A: Campaigns can be used to send marketing emails to opt-in contacts only, or in other words to those subscribers who have expressed interest and given consent or permission. Campaigns can not be used for bulk cold email campaigns or cold email sales cadences. The reason is simple: Campaigns' shared infrastructure reputation can be damaged by recipients marking your cold emails as spam and we have to make sure that all Campaigns customers follow the best email marketing practices.

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