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Discussion on Mailshake, an intuitive sales engagement platform that lets sales teams perform personalized, automated outreach via email, phone and social media.

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If you happen to have questions about how the integration works, tag @Eric Griffing .

What is the best software for follow up emails that leverage Zapier to move deals in PD? Drip, Mailshake or Yesware? Or is anyone using other?

I was hoping to get help with this scenario on Mailshake

Let’s say I’m using Mailshake to mass email 300 people per week.

If the leads don’t respond to the first email my sales team calls the lead for the second touch.

How would I be able to use Pipedrive to set a reminder to contact that particular set of leads that didn’t respond to the first email?Should I create one lead for that set of 300 leads and set a reminder to call the ones that didn’t respond?

I hope that makes sense and thanks for your help

#pipedrive #mailshake #zapier

Hey folks,

I have issues importing data from pipedrive to mailshake.
The trigger event should be adding a new person to pipedrive. The newly added person to pipedrive should be zapped to mailshake and a new mail should be send out.

Zapier tests the connections on the information it is able to receive - that looks good and I think that the issue is not here.
I think the problem is mailshake. The transfered data won`t show up there.

Attached are some screenshot. I hope somebody could tell me what I am doing wrong - because I can`t see it.