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Link fields to a specific pipeline

I've created a field that is specific to a single pipeline however it is appearing in all the other pipelines and I can't see anywhere to hide it? 


For example - if I have a pipeline about car repairs - I need fields for make and model, but if my other pipeline is about window installation in houses - then I don't need to see these fields!

I've ticked the 'important' option for the one pipeline, but it is still appearing in the other pipelines.


Any help is appreciated

Fields in required fields popup do not appear in order


We are testing required fields at certain deal stages. We have already ordered those customer fields and that order is respected when they are displayed in the deal details column. However, when the required field pops up (the deal was prevented from being moved to a different stage as those required fields are not yet filled), the custom fields are not sorted and appear in any order which makes the filling in confusing.

Should be an easy fix?



Won deal button

Can we have a condition in order to allow user click WON deal? For example if a something is NOT done, then WON can't be clicked? @Mike van der Valk @Tamara Deprez @Almonzer @Marcus @Peter Meredith 

Required fields update 🚀

Since this week you'll be able to set wether certain fields are required when marking a deal as won or lost.

This update will help make sure all necessary information is there when closing deals.
Read more about required fields here.