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Required Fields
Required Fields
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Required fields when moving deal to new stage

Do anyone else experience getting this pop-up message when they move a deal to a new stage despite the required fields being filled out already? Is this a bug? 

I get the point of the pop-up when there are required fields you actually must fill out to move to the next stage, and appreciate that you can fill them out then and there. However, the pop-up message confuses the user when the fields are already filled out.  



Conditional/dependent fields and values


It would be great if Pipedrive allowed conditional/dependent fields and values. Is there a plan to develop such features?

1st e.g. There are two single-option fields and the available values in the second field would depend on the selection in the first field.

2nd e.g. There is a single-option field and if specific option is selected, then additional fields appear that could (or must) be filled in.

3rd e.g. There is a field that is optional to fill, but becomes mandatory if specific values are selected/entered in another field.


Thank you.

Categoria prodotto

Ciao a tutti, sto utilizzando pipedrive Pro (trial) e sto cercando di impostare la categoria di un prodotto come required, ma non ci riesco.

E' possibile in fase di inserimento di un prodotto impostarla come obbligatoria e non far proseguire se non la si inserisce?

Grazie mille a tutti


Custom Fields issue

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. I have created a custom field called Disqualification Reason and have a stage in my pipeline called Disqualified. I want to make this specific field required for only that specific Disqualified stage but the system also makes it required for the Closed Won and Closed Lost stages. I am wondering why it does this and if there is a workaround? Thanks.