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Required Fields
Required Fields
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Az Ahmed
Marketing Manager

Custom Fields issue

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. I have created a custom field called Disqualification Reason and have a stage in my pipeline called Disqualified. I want to make this specific field required for only that specific Disqualified stage but the system also makes it required for the Closed Won and Closed Lost stages. I am wondering why it does this and if there is a workaround? Thanks.

Compulsory Fields when winning a deal

Hi All,

Is there a way that you can add compulsory fields to be completed before winning a deal on Pipedrive?

We are struggling with our sales team to complete certain fields and we sync these contacts to our Mailchimp audiences for marketing and notification emails, and need to ensure that for instance: contact info Email address, First Name and Last name and a label does get completed before they can win a deal. This is the only way I think they will actually do what we ask them to do.

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions in this... (More)

Important + Mandatory Fields -> Also for WON-Deals

At the moment Important + Required Fields are useless for our use case... :-(

  • The Important Fields Sidebar disappears after a deal is won/lost. Why? There seems to be no reason for that behaviour. Even after Deals are Won/Lost important information should be completed..
  • Also, I cannot select a Required Field, without the "Deal Marked as Won" condition. We track Deals through phases even after they are won. So I cannot set up a Mandatory Field for a later Phase of Won Deals, because any deal that is won will be required to ask for that field. That also... (More)

Duvida sobre campos obrigatórios no APP

Olá a todos, gostaria de saber se tem alguma previsão para lançar os campos obrigatórios na versão do Android do App do PipeDrive?

Verifiquei que no painel web funcionam muito bem mas no aplicativo deixa o vendedor trocar a fase sem o bloqueio dos preenchimentos obrigatórios. Caso seja algum parâmetro e alguém puder ajudar com dica agradeço.