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Required Fields
Required Fields
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Microsoft Excel Integration in Documents tab

We integrated our Microsoft OneDrive into the Pipedrive CRM to use MS Excel. However, when we are following the below path:

Deal>>Documents>>Create New

then we are not getting Excel/Spreadsheet & PPT option. Whereas, your video of SmartDoc shows that if we integrate Google Drive/ OneDrive then we can get all three options:

  1. Document
  2. PPT
  3. Excel/Spreadsheet

Therefore, could you please check this technical glitch and help us out to have PPT & Excel option.

We will highly appreciate your Tech and Management if it can be fixed on high priority.

PS: We have checked with our Tech team and they informed us that it needs to be fixed from the back end.


It would be very nice to have required fields with the option of Unchecking 'appears in add lead or deal views

Hi there, most of our clients have required fields once the deal has been moved to a certain stage.

However, we would like to be able to remove these custom fields from the ADD LEAD or DEAL view.

There are many things we don't know until the deal closes

Consider a construction company, where the JOB start date is REQUIRED once the deal has been won. However, we don't need to include that information in the add new deal card.


Also, one of our main sales pitch from the Advance plan to the Pro plan is the required fields feature. If we can optimize that it would be great!


****Another thing is, when deal is won, the important or required fields feature dissapears, it would be nice the keep em important or required depending on the stage

Anyone else have wants this problem solved?

Ability for a new stage to inherit/copy required fields from a neighbour

Currently if a new stage is created between two existing stages that have required fields it does not share any of those required fields. Yet if I were to make a field required for an earlier stage, all subsequent stages would have it marked as required in the custom fields interface. 

The only way to add the required fields to the new stage is to go through each custom field (which is easy if you only have a handful but cumbersome if you have, say, 75) and tick the new stage. And that's after knowing which fields are required for that stage or clicking through each one that has the required label under the Quality Rules header.

Either a checkbox when you're creating the new stage, a change in the logic (automatically adding a field as required if the stage is between two that have it as required) or an option somewhere to have the required fields of one stage added to another would be great.

Jeff Sprott
Solar and Roofing Company Owner

Required field at a deal stage but does not show in "add deal" page.

Hey PD Community, 


The more I learn about this CRM the more I fall deeply in love with Pipedrive. Bravo overall and I'm forever a fan! There is most likely a hand-to-face emoji during this but for now, I'm at a loss. Thank you all for your help ahead of time. 

We have changed many of our "deal fields" from "required" in a particular stage to "important" to clean up the "add deal" window and simplify the process. In doing so we have a required field that we don't want certain teammates to have to answer so we don't want it to show in the "add deal" window process. Is there a way to remove it from "add deal" but still make it required when it hits that stage further down the road? How can we make this happen so, at any particular stage, that teammates will only be required to input the fields assigned to them? 


Loom video to better describe.


Thank you!