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Required Fields
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adding a new lead and selecting the option to add the contact person as a new contact

I have created a custom field that is mandatory / required when a new contact is input into the database. The problem I see is that when I input the contact person into the lead and PD offers to have the contact added as a new contact it doesnt take into account the rule (custom field) I created as required and the lead is allowed to be set and the new contact added without the user being prompted to choose an option for the required field.

Do i have to make a new custom field as an exact same copy... (More)

Force Required Fields

can you force required fields on? I can only seem to make it important

Simon Périé
Responsable Commercial/Business Development

Problem with the fields


I would like to know if it will be possible in the future to make specific fields appear when creating offers.

For example:

  • Fill in the field n°1
  • If this field is filled in, then make field n°1.1 appear.


  • Fill in field n°1, two possible answers: A or B
  • If the answer is A, then display the field n°1.1
  • If the answer is B, then display the field n°1.2

This is something that is really missing and penalizing for our business.  

And you, have you ever been faced with this problem?

Important Fields No Longer Honored after Required is Turned On

The use of Required Fields was a nice addition to the Important Fields that was rolled out a year or so ago. BUT, I've found a big downside:

Important fields were great because it showed the user in the details sidebar what fields they need to fill out. I used that as a visual reminder because "Required" fields weren't available yet. NOW, required fields prevent a deal from being moved to a stage that meet the rules for having particular field(s) filled out. BUT, I have no way of showing the user what fields are "IMPORTANT" and need to be... (More)