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Mapsly allows you to: 

  • Analyze and mass-edit your data on map. 
  • Build optimized routes. 
  • Draw and auto-assign territories. 
  • Search prospects by keywords. 
  • All Entirely customizable.
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Josh Monifi
Production Team Manager

Automatically Geocoding Addresses

Hello! We have run into an issue that I am hoping other folks have found a solution for. 

We recently completed a massive import of historical customer records into Pipedrive. Thousands of Organizations we have worked with in the past. We imported addresses for all of these locations, but the import does not automatically "geocode" the addresses. This is a problem because we are reliant on being able to drill down to the city/state/zip for some of our work. If an address is not geocoded, we are unable to do this. 

Have any of you used a tool to make this work? I have been looking into Mapsly but not sure if it will do what we are hoping. 

Thanks for your insights!

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