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Sales and Marketing Pipeline alignment - looking for advice

We are aiming at reaching sales and marketing alignment in Pipedrive. For example we've built a marketing pipe to reflect the stages before a lead turns into a sales qualified one. Sometimes Pipedrive doesn't meet our needs in the marketing department though.

I'm looking for fellow Pipedrivers who also work with a marketing pipe, meaning you've built a pipe with stages that reflects the full customer journey, not only reflecting the sales process.

I'm looking to pick your brain on what's working and not. For example:

  • What stages do you have and what are the definitions?
  • How do you make... (More)

Creating a deal through Zappier

hello, I am trying to send my MQL  from my marketing platform(Plezi) to pipedrive. For some reasons i manage to create the deal, but in my zap i specified where to get the organsation name and the person name, but those fields are not filled in pipedrive. Any idea why the organisation name and the contact name are not repprted? Thanks

Salesforce campaigns

Hi all,

This is my first post here. I've used PD before when doing self-employed consultancy work but I'd like to bring it to my current firm to replace Salesforce which over the last year hasn't done for us what it needs to. However, I'm struggling to replicate one crucial element, campaigns.


At the moment, we select a group of contacts on SF using filters to give us a target list for a new campaign to sell a particular product. We then email that target list an introductory email about the new product.

We then refer to that campaign... (More)

Leads Inbox improvements for users in all plans! 📥

From now on, all new leads have to be linked to a contact (either an existing one or a new one is automatically created), similar to how all deals have to be linked to a contact.

🤔 Why the change?

  • You can now add a Lead from an existing Contact and track the contact history
  • Importing Leads with your Contacts? They will now be linked.
  • Contacts created from Leads are included in your Contact Sync (on web app and mobile)
  • Simplifies syncing marketing tools with Pipedrive
  • No more concerns about having 3 places to store contacts in Pipedrive (Leads... (More)