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Margaux Fiche
Customer Success Specialist

Deals and Pipeline set up for Saas Subscription products

Our SaaS product is sold on a Marketplace, each trial and sold licenses is converted into a deal in Pipedrive.

I'm looking for advice on how to handle the deal once it is lost (ie: the trial is not converted into a sale, a subscription is not renewed...). Do you leave the deal in the Pipeline? Did you add a special lane?  

I talked with Pipedrive customer service and they confirmed that the deal expiring cannot trigger any automation to move the deal. Has anyone else the same issue?


Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

We want feedback to our new app, that tracks job changes and monitor emails

Hi Pipedrive community!

I would like to hear feedback on the app (, which I built as a fan of Pipedrive. I use Pipedrive for a long time and I decided to leverage the environment and start building features directly in the app.

WHY did we decide to develop it?

  • Turning contacts into fresh leads after job change – we have found out that people who love our products usually take it to a new company with almost no effort from our side. Low sales costs, no need to introduce features
  • Preventing churn – we like to keep track of... (More)

Xero Integration - Invoice Only Role

It would be great if the XERO - Pipedrive integration would work for XERO users that are Invoice Only "".

This integration currently only support ADVISOR and STANDARD users.


Most Sales Rep have access to Xeros only to create invoices. It does not make sense for us to give full access to Xero to Sales Rep.



Sergey Zuev
Founder of GA Connector

Pipedrive and Google Analytics integration

Hello everyone,

We just launched a Google Analytics connector on Pipedrive marketplace:

The app allows to see Google Analytics information in Pipedrive objects:


Your feedback would be much appreciated!