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That silly meme that your coworker sent you and you couldn't help but chuckle? 😆

That interesting fact about penguins you read about the other day? 🐧 

This is the place, post your own here! 

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Songs to sell to: a Monday playlist 📻 🎶

One of the things the Sales Community team most like to do to boost our mood and productivity is creating and sharing theme playlists on Spotify. We will be creating a new playlist throughout this week that is dedicated to Mondays, and would love to have more suggestions from you the Community on songs that make your Mondays better.

Feel free to post your ideas in the comment section, here's a favorite of ours that's sure to brighten up a Monday ☀️

Click here to find the playlist we've created so far. We will reveal the final playlist this... (More)

Previously in the Community... 👁 🐯

Last Monday we asked you for the song most likely to inspire you on a Monday. You rose to the challenge and made your choice. Monday comes again, and it's time to get back on your feet and go the distance 🥊 🏃🏻