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Merge Duplicates
Merge Duplicates

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Paddy Orrell
Group Financial Controller

User permissions to control duplication of deals

Has anyone found a way to control user permissions around duplicating deals?

The activity unfortunately bypasses most automations and causes quite some problems as a result. 

If nobody has found a way round this then @Inês Batata can we please add this as a feature request?

Mapping new leads/deals to existing organizations

Hi Community!

We want to have our web forms create a new deal, but not a new organization.

Right now, every new web form creates a new deal. (great!) BUT I don't want it to create a new organization if there is already one live! Is it possible to map this lead (create a look-up) and have them merged vs creating a new one?

EXAMPLE: Lead is Nike looking for more advertisement space. I want Nike to not duplicate as a new organization, but map to the existing one.

If there is any other way forward with this please advise!... (More)



Hye we have many automatically created deals out of zapier because our marketing email tool automatically writes emails to variuos people in one company , we have a bunch of deals with the same name and I want to merge these ? 

what to do ?


Hi @Rei Champion7 !

At the moment that is not possible, as each Contact can only have one tag at a time; you can preview the result of your merge before going ahead with it by clicking the "preview" button and decide what you want to do.

As a workaround, I suggest you create a custom multiple-option field that you use instead of labels.

In any case, I can see how multiple labels per contacts could be useful and I've made sure to forward your suggestion to our team for consideration in future developments.