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Merge Duplicates
Merge Duplicates
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Hi, how do I best merge organisations that have been created with similar names over the years when they actually are the one and same. Clean up needed.

Tom Chapman
Business Development Manager

Duplication's feature improvement request

Any likelihood of developing the duplicate contacts/companies feature to perform "fuzzy" searches and/or for the user to define which fields PD looks for duplicates?

Geoff Wilkie
General Manager - Client Services

Merged Deals Field Selection Option

Hi Pipedrive,

Is there a plan at all to be able to select individual fields to keep when merging deals and contacts?

We have deals and contacts that get duplicated due to the way they come in as leads and we want to be able to choose which field data to keep when we merge them as sometimes one deal gets used over the other, but the data in the unused deal is still important and relevant.


Merge delas un pipedrive

Hello pipedrive team,

I need help with the next issue, how can I merge the deals in pipedrive for example when a company buy other?

Awaiting for you soon answer.


Kind Regards,


Rodrigo Vásquez