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Merge duplicates
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Leads Inbox improvements for users in all plans! 📥

From now on, all new leads have to be linked to a contact (either an existing one or a new one is automatically created), similar to how all deals have to be linked to a contact.

🤔 Why the change?

  • You can now add a Lead from an existing Contact and track the contact history
  • Importing Leads with your Contacts? They will now be linked.
  • Contacts created from Leads are included in your Contact Sync (on web app and mobile)
  • Simplifies syncing marketing tools with Pipedrive
  • No more concerns about having 3 places to store contacts in Pipedrive (Leads... (More)

Merge Contact Duplicates

Hi All,

I need to merge over 500 contact duplicates, is there not an easier way than having to go through each one and choose primary contact to merge with? I cannot see myself going through all 500 contacts to do this.  Then having to click preview for each then merge.

I also need to do the same with organizations.

Your help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Lead/Deal Matching

Hi! It would be cool for Pipedrive to automatically match a lead that has the same email address as a deal in any pipeline to avoid converting the lead into a deal then manually merge the redundant deals!

Dedupely - why isn't this a standard feature in pipedrive

When sucking in linkedin data directly from linkedin you get a lot of duplicate organisations etc.  THere is a paid Dedupely product. But why doesn't pipedrive just make this function as normal feature?  It works well and would be easy to do??