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Merge Duplicates
Merge Duplicates
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How to merge duplicates based on email address only?

Hi, I use Pipedrive for a consumer saas onboarding. People might sign up with Nicknames and sign up more than once. Now I am struggling with merging contacts based on their email address (as this is their unique identifier, not the name).

Does anyone know, how that works?



duplicate leads marking new or existing?

What we can do to highlight the leads or inquiry by system automatically and mark as new or existing.


is there any automation or system that can set up so when ever the leads come from a website or API and it's an existing client system can mark as existing. 


Please help me.I cannot understand why my leads merged?

Hi, how do I best merge organisations that have been created with similar names over the years when they actually are the one and same. Clean up needed.