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Microsoft Teams
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Planned: Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) integration

Microsoft and Pipedrive have joined forces and will soon release a new app in our Marketplace

The app will focus on sending notifications from data updates in Pipedrive to your MS Teams channels so you can share information with non-Pipedrive users.

Almost simultaneously we'll release the option to create activities with MS Teams video meeting capabilities.

📝Please note 📝

Pipedrive reserves the right to modify and update the features in the What's planned?  topic and does not communicate exact timelines for delivery.

Marco GovoniSolution provider partner
ICT Consultant | CyberSecurity for People & Companies

SalesDoc. Prospector. LiveChat. WebVisitor. A new Pipedrive!

I'm testing new features and..... they are great!

SalesDoc (I'm using it with OneDrive Office365 and it works very well also I read the service is "coming soon" :-) ) -> MUST HAVE

Prospector: very interesting. Now I'm using (for the Italian market, (great service but only for Italy and UK, with API available....)

LiveChat -> will kill Intercom users ;-)

WebVisitor: like a "magic spy" ;-) I know Leadfeeder, not bad (but too expensive for me IMHO) .. so I will test this integration

Guys, with this new features, I decide to organize a webinar soon (before the... (More)

Marco GovoniSolution provider partner
ICT Consultant | CyberSecurity for People & Companies

Pipedrive & Microsoft Teams Integration: let's work! [workaround]

Hi to all! I use Zoom for personal or "informal" video meeting and Microsoft Teams for business. Always my business meeting are organized with Pipedrive Scheduler.

The problem was that on my calendar there were not the direct link to Teams Meeting, and I had to send it to my gests with a separate email, creating a new calendar meeting with Teams.

The result was I (and my guests) had 2 calendar meeting, one from Pipedrive Scheduler and another created by Teams (with the direct link to video meeting): WTF ?!?! :-(

An additional problem is that Microsoft Teams doesn't... (More)

Syntax for MS Teams


Has anyone successfully linked MS Teams for their calling device? 

I can link Skype, but I don't use that anymore, I have also got Skype for Business working, although that's now devoid, but I can't get MS Teams to work. 

I have phone license and International Call Plan from MS. 

MS Support have no clue when I ask them about Syntax. 

Can anyone help?