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Microsoft Teams
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Changeable Templates for Invitation to Activities

When inviting some guest to an activity, e.g. Teams-Meeting, there appears an standard-text, which I would like to replace, using templates. Maybe similar to different signatures in outlook.

Furthermore the link to the Temas-Meeting is a major-ugly mega-string, which I would like to replace by something like "Teams-Meeting / Customer". Again, not by hand, but by automation.

Support said, that is not possible at the moment, so it would be great, if you could implement.




Microsoft Teams with Scheduler Link

Hello All,

Wanted to get some feedback on how everyone is using Microsoft Teams currently? I love the integration and see how to manually add a meeting through and activity but, I'd like to have a meeting link with scheduler. Is there a way to do this either native or zapier? I have a client that isn't moving away from teams and this might push them back to Calendly unless I'm missing something. 

Thanks in advance!

New: Microsoft Teams integration 🚀

You can install the app here.


To improve the flow of information between Pipedrive and Microsoft Teams and save you time.

What can a user do?

  • Get private or channel real-time updates in MS Teams through Pipedrive's workflow automation
  • Schedule and join video meetings in MS Teams from Pipedrive

For whom?

Real-time updates are for users in the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.
Scheduling video meetings is available for all Pipedrive plans - For free Microsoft Teams plans, video meetings will be created via Skype.

🧠 Learn all about Pipedrive Integration: Microsoft Teams with our Knowledge... (More)

Microsoft Teams Calendar to Pipedrive

Hello there,

is there a way , or will there be a way for the clients I consult, to schedule an appointment via pipedrive that has a Teams Link intergrated?

At the moment I use to let my customer schedule an appointment and at the same time they get a generated Teams Link so that we always have a unique room.

Is this option already available for Pipedrive or is something planned? I couldnt find the exact answer on the helpdesk. The only solution was a workaround that doesn't fit what I need and the existing integration are only... (More)