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Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

Microsoft Teams (Native) Calendar Login Info Appears Different Than Pipedrive's (Please Fix)


Hope all's well! May we please have your assistance?

Please see below screenshot comparison of what it looks like to the client when they click on their calendar to attend a Microsoft Teams meeting when the invite is sent via the native app (figure A) vs. through Pipedrive (figure B). This is a major concern to us.

  1. This is causing some confusion for our clients who are used to the way the native app shares the login credentials...
  2. Also, in our industry people are trained heavily to lookout for phishing and spoofing, and one of the biggest indicators is... (More)

Workflow Automation: Teams notification when a note is created

We have been using Pipedrive integrated with Slack for more than a year. We are migrating to Teams and replaced most of the existing Slack notifications. There is a remaining gap that we cannot configure. The requirement is :

Every time a note is created, send a message to Microsoft Teams channel

We like the Workflow Automation templates, and we used these to create our own slightly modified 'custom' workflows. There are no templates for notes. Please continue to create additional templates to showcase the functionality.   

Cannot link Microsoft Teams to PipeDrive

I try to link Teams to PipeDrive but when i click on "Proceed to install" button from the market place, we have an error message "Application Not found"

Creating meetings on behalf of your colleagues

My whole team are often booking in meetings with clients on behalf of other team members (acting as each other's PAs if you will) so it would be great if the Zoom/Teams meeting link could be linked to who the activity is assigned to rather than who created the activity.